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Have to ask while I think of it! Lock Rss

Hey ladies smile

So, although I have awhile to go, I'm still trying to plan ahead & get as much info as I can for BF this next bub. I managed to BF DS for 3.5months, but each day was a struggle & I really didn't find it an enjoyable experience. Something I desperately want to avoid this time round!

I know it's early, but if I don't ask the question while I think of it, I'll forget smile
Soooo, do you offer both sides each feed or one side?? Or is it completely dependant on your milk supply??
Is it less painful second time round? What can I do to prepare my nipples better this time??
Is it easier 2nd time round or does it just depend on bub?

Any other tips or advice??

I only have DS, so can't answer the q's bout 2nd time round, but I bf him for 12.5mths, I fed him off both sides each feed, starting on the side I finished with last time, but my SIL has only fed off 1 side each time, so not sure whether it depends on the mum, supply, or the bub. Depends on what works for you I think

I block feed (one side each feed ) as it reduces DS's wind and fills him up more and i seems to produce a bit more foremilk so this helps this. My supply is pretty good even if DS favors one side for a few feeds . I do have to express a bit off to feed of a side sometimes to reduce the foremilk. For me it was less painful second time but my children very different. DD was prem and had no rooting reflex so it took a few days of very painful feeds until she learnt to latch but once she did never had anymore troubles. DS after a very sleepy day latched on perfectly first proper feed. Still going strong BF him.
My DS had one side only for about the first 3 months, then he started having both at each feed. DD is only 9 weeks, she usually has one side only, but sometimes late afternoon, when my supply is a bit low she'll have both. Basically I feed her on one side till she lets go, burp her, then offer the same side again (to make sure she's getting enough hindmilk), I then offer her the second side.

For me it was definately easier the second time around, but for heaps of different reasons. Partly because I knew what I was doing and I also knew when the midwives where giving me crap advice and to ignore it smile. It is also easier for some Bub related reasons to - at birth DD was bigger, more awake (spent a fraction of the time in labour) and not jaundiced.

As for the pain - I only stopped feeding DS on my right side 11 weeks before DD arrived (he was 2). I did not experience any pain on that side at all. I stopped feeding him on my left side 6 months before DD arrived. I did experience the same amount of pain on that side as when I started out the 1st time - you know that toe curling pain for the 1st few seconds LOL. Plus DD latches on with great gusto, she managed to give me two cracks on that side in the 1st couple of weeks.

I can't really think of anything that helped to prepare my nipples - apart from having a toddler hang off them daily LOL, not really an option for most people.

Other advice: do exactly what you are doing - i.e. get as much information as possible. Also if you aren't enjoying it, something is wrong, so ask for help, if the help you get doesn't solve the problem, ask someone else. I had a really rough start to bf with DS, I saw 3 lactation consultants until I found one that gave the right adivce for me. After that we never looked back and I very reluctantly stopped feeding him at 2 years smile I hope I get to feed DD for at least that long.

Goodluck smile

Well done for getting some info now smile

I bf DS until he weaned at 14.5months - he fed off both sides.

I will feed DD until she weans herself to but hopefully at least to 12months. She generally feeds off one side at a time. I think it depends on the baby.

I thought that feeding my 2nd baby would be easy as i knew what to do but it was actually as hard getting the attachment sorted out as the 1st time. I always got the midwives to help. I didnt do anything to prepare my nipples.

I have found the first months are the hardest as it's demanding and you are constantly feeding and they are slow. But it gets easier and they go longer between feeds. One thing a friend said to me with DS is some days you will love bf and other days you will hate it - that comment helped my get through it at the start.

Good luck smile
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