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i currently have my daughter on s26 AR but she is getting constipated i was told by my health nurse to try nan AR has anyone else tried the two and which did you find better, or just anyones opinion on NAN AR would be great.

Oh also if you have used nan ar did you need faster teats or can i just use slow teats
Im assuming your daughter has reflux, if not then she shouldnt be on the AR.

Alot of people dont recommend s26. My DD was on s26 gold and she became a crazy baby. Once off it, shes was fantastic smile

ALso with the AR formulas you do need a special teat. Depending which bottle brand your using (i use Avent) i know Avent have a special one which is good. But you do need it as AR formulas are thicker and harder to drink out of a normal bottle teat.

Hope all goes well smile

Im pretty sure there isn't such a thing as NAN AR. Do you mean NAN HA????

My DS had severe reflux, and like your DD he was on S26 AR for a short period of time because it made him constipated. I too was told to swap to NAN HA and it is the best thing i ever did!!!! He thrived, and at nine months is still happily fed on it.

As far as teats go, i had already bought the Avent variable flow teats (for thickend formula) so i contined/continue to use them. I don't think you would need them though if you haven't already got them as it isn't as thick as the S26 AR.

A Hint: Chemist warehouse used to sell the stick packs of the Nan, so maybe give a copule of those a go first smile

Hope that helps!
[quote name='Marmy61' date='15 January 2011 - 12:29 PM' timestamp='1295054967' post='2891810'] Im assuming your daughter has reflux, if not then she shouldnt be on the AR. thanks for replying yes she dose have reflux or as you said she wouldnt be on anti reflux formula [quote name='Kklmnop' date='15 January 2011 - 05:29 PM' timestamp='1295072954' post='2891973'] Im pretty sure there isn't such a thing as NAN AR. Do you mean NAN HA???? Hi yep there is a nan AR formula but as i found out today its hard to get your hands on only one chemist of the 4 i went to sold it and its not in supermarkets So i really need to know if anyone else has used it and what teats they used as my daughter wont suck Y teats hard enough to get any out.
Yes NAN AR is available but only in chemists. My DS who is 3 months is on it and it is great. We started off with Karicare AR and it gave him really bad wind and upset tummy. My GP suggested Nan as it is partially hydrolized similar to the Nan HA so I think this helps with sensitive tummies. Karicare AR constipated DS pooing little rocks but Nan AR seems to be ok, he poos once a day only once have I had to give him coloxyl to help.
I couldn't find the Nan anywhere near me so I contacted Nestle and they said if you have a chemist that stock their formula's you can get them to order this in for you & should be there within 48 hours. If you interested in doing this let me know as I have the item numbers for it.
I use Dr Brown's bottles & use a Y teat but am thinking of purchasing a level 3 as the Y teats seem to be too much for him, so yes you will need to get a faster flow as nothing would come out of level 1.
we use Nan after our babies came off specialised formula..... I have always used glass bottles and 6 month plus teats....

can you ask your local supermarket to order you a box and buy it by the box off them rather than going and buy one tin at a time from the chemist.... thats what i did was so much cheaper...
My 3mnth old is on AR formula due to reflux. We started on S26 but he was constantly hungry on it so I found novalac which was really good and he started to sleep through but then he started refusing bottles so now with the drs ok he is on solids and between 1 and 3 bottles a day novalac does get expensive so we are trying nan so far I hate it so we will be going onto karicare
i started on nan HA really like it but changed to s26 gold AR due to reflux my baby boy is constipated so much on it he had blood in his poo im changing to nan AR would have liked to go straight to it an avoid s26 but had to get it ordered in at my local chemist so til i get it iv gone back to nan HA for a few days
i have used S26 AR and also constipated my dd. i changed to Novalac Reflux and that was great. Not as thick as the other AR formulas either as it thickens in bubs tummy

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