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can i breast feed and formula feed? Lock Rss

Hi guys,

I dont think that my baby is getting enough breast milk and my sister inlaw suggested giving him a formula bottle once or twice a day? Is this ok to do?

Its totally up to you how you feed your baby, just be aware that if you introduce formula bub won't be stimulating your milk supply and chances are you will not be able to breast feed much longer.

Think hard, and do whatever is best for both bub and yourself smile

Its totally up to you how you feed your baby, just be aware that if you introduce formula bub won't be stimulating your milk supply and chances are you will not be able to breast feed much longer.

Think hard, and do whatever is best for both bub and yourself smile

well im worried about bub because my breasts arent feeling full anymore at all.. And he is still quite upset after i feed him and crys for a long time.. I tried to express some milk before to see how much i had and I could only get 60mls out of both breast together..
Noooo, as tahlia3012 said, this will no help the problem in the long term. What exactly is happening to make you think your baby isn't getting enough from you?
Why do you think he isn't getting enough? How old is he? It is normal for your boobs not to feel so full after a week or two... and as newborns its very normal for him to want to feed constantly, thats what boosts your supply....
even after being on my boobs for 40-50mins and him de-attaching himself he crys and crys... for a long time too. and i will put him back on and he just sucks for a little while and ends up back in tears...
Ok, sorry crossed posted smile What you can express is not an indication of what your baby is getting out, they are much more efficient than a pump. Also your breast feeling soft is normal, just your body settling down after that big change post birth. If bub is upset and fussing after feeds will he stay on the breast? Even if it's only comfort sucking, it will help boost your supply. Also keep expressing, as that will also help, just don't be worried about how much you are getting.
Hi, My daughter was only 2 weeks old when I went to a lactation class and she suggested i feed her on both breasts then top her up with formula. I only did this for a couple of weeks as i got too tired sitting up for 1 hour at a time. I suggest do what you feel comfotable with.
Could it be wind or reflux?
Depends how old bub is... I bf till dd was 13 months but at about 8 or 9 months I started topping her up b4 bed at night with formula and that's when she started sleeping all night.. My boobs never felt like the had anything in them but they always did.. my milk didn't go away 4 a month after I stopped think that was cos I was preg again smile
He's what....2 weeks old? The first 6-8 weeks of establishing milk supply is just one giant growth spurt. They feed often to make sure that your body produces the milk it needs for his emerging needs and anything that interferes with that will make a supply issue, or a perceived supply issue, worse. As others have said pumping output is not an indication of how much milk you do or don't have. There are other ways to determine that. Have a look at Kellymom for more info..there's heaps of it there and it was my bible.

Getting Started:info on what to expect in the early weeks, including common concerns.

He sounds to me like he's just being a normal 2 week old baby and offering formula won't resolve supply issues, if there are any, it will just make it worse. If you are having latching issues I really do encourage you to get some professional bf advice if you want to continue to bf. A Lactation Consultant would be my first port of call, then maybe the ABA. You are just learning how to be together, and he's had a shock by going from the nice warm, safe environment of the womb where he was rocked to sleep and fed whenever he wanted so give it some time. Google the 4th trimester, it's pretty interesting stuff.

Good luck, you're doing a great job and hang in there....ooh and congratulations. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

How old is your little boy? If he is gaining weight steadily & having wet nappies, then you are likely to be making enough milk. As some of the others said - as breasts get more efficient at producing milk they do not always feel full & this can happen a couple of weeks after birth or a several months. Don't worry about the amount you express, some who have breastfed successfully for a long time have never been able to express much.

Here are some things to consider:

Evening/Witching hour - babies can 'cluster' feed (or seem to feed relentlessly) for several hours in the eveneing until they head off to bed. Your milk volume is lower, but higher in hind milk (rich in fat & nutrients) which helps for growth. For many this started around 2-3 months, and quite a few at this stage add a night formula feed as they feel their baby isn't getting enough (or just want a rest!). This is quite normal, but as not all babies do it, not everyone seems to understand & well-meaning friends or family will often suggest that they are not getting enough milk.

Wind/Reflux - this was my boy unfortunately. After feeding (or even part way through) he would cry/scream, arch away. Some want to be fed frequently, either because they can only take small feeds or because the sucking can help to keep the acid down. And not all vomit (not just spill) either - silent reflux can occur too, making it difficult to diagnose. Keeping my boy propped up for 20-30 mins after a feed really helped. There are medications that can help too - but you would need to see your doctor.

Comfort sucker - some babies just seem to want to keep sucking well beyond the point of when they are full. This was my friends boy, he would stay on the boob for hours if he had the chance, and she found a dummy very helpful.

I hope things get easier for you - it isn't easy to have an upset & unsettled bubs. In the end (as someone else said) you have to do what is right for you and your baby. Good luck!
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