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  5. Moving to nz & no nan comfort - any suggestions on what I can change to?

Moving to nz & no nan comfort - any suggestions on what I can change to? Lock Rss

Hi there,
Probably a long shot but moving to New Zealand from auz on weekend & baby is on man comfort - had so many issues trying to get the right formula for him. Finally got him on nan comfort which he has been thriving on, but I'm worried about having to change formulas when I get to nz as they don't have nan comfort there - they do however sell the nan ha.
Does anyone no what the closest formula is to the one I'm currently using?
It's so expensive having to trial all of the brands to get one to suit sad
Hope someone can help!
Hi J&J's mum, how old is bubs on Nan comfort? As wondering if he's on nan comfort 1 or 2?
Hi there thank you for your reply - he is 5 months old on nan1
We had such issues with him trying to find a suitable formula (tried almost all of the available at supermarket)
Finally he has settled well on this one - so as you can imagine I'm quite nervous having to change him
any help would be very much appreciated.
Heading to the supermarket this morning so will compare ingredients values smile
Thank you so much! So appreciative of your help! smile
I just sent you a PM request, (i think) let me know when you've clicked on it smile
Thanks I've got the request smile
What was the result. I want this Nan Comfort stuff cos the reviews were great and now I can't find where to buy it grr
Hi Tania
They don't sell nan comfort in nz sad
This is honestly the best formula I found for my bub who I've had endless issues with formula wise - he was so happy on this one!
Since being back in nz I have tried s26 which made him scream in pain after every bottle, spew it up badly after each feed and very unhappy & constipated sad
I am now trialling Karicare gold and he is a little better as in he isn't spewing up as much but he has only been on this for a few days so will see after a week or so.
They do have nan ha gold in some countdowns but it's around $35 a tin which we couldn't believe as it's not that much in auz! We have found all baby items almost double the price here in nz!
Leaves us wondering how people survive! Anyway that's a totally new topic!
I've heard the gold formulas tend to cause more wind and constipation? I would go for just standard karicare smile

Thanks pixie chick
Yes I have heard this too & in process of trying to find him a suitable formula tried most of the standard including Karicare normal but it was too frothy and gave bub sore tummy we literally tried almost all of the formulas (not gold) with docs advise with h settling happy on nan comfort

Really hope he is ok with this kari gold
I have got my baby on nan H.A gold he has developed runny dark green poos. Thinking bout changing him. So what did u settle on? Be interested to know. Thanks?????
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