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fast flowing milk Lock Rss

first i had the problem of having too much milk. now whenever i feed her on my right breast she coughs and chokes and then refuses to have anymore. but if i put her on the left shes fine. is there anyway to slow down the flow??
When this happens I sometimes express of 10 or 20 mls. I also found my son had a preference for lying one way more than another, so I had to do streches to get him used to turning his head it both directions. Obviously this may not be the problem with you DD but just in case.



have you tried tilting your self back on a pillow or slouching on the lounge with a pillow/cushion behind your lower back?
How old is your little one? I too had this problem when my son was a few weeks old, but this has now settled down and he rarely coughs when feeding. Have you tried laying down to feed, this helped me.

mumofharry - DS 27.03.06

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