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Screams at Daddy Lock Rss

Hi mums;

I was wondering if anyone has any advice to me,
I'm 1/2 breastfeed and 1/2 bottlefeed. I have gone back to work for 4 hours a night, 2 nights a week and DH has to feed him. When I feed him he is quite fine (especially breastfeeding but supply runs out) but when its Daddy's turn at the 4 - 7pm time he just goes in screaming rages although still drinking the formula. Im not sure if its becuase Im not there as he takes the bottle alright from him when Im with him (as I wanted to see if he was doing anything wrong). Does anyone have any problems like this? Im thinking to just stick with bottles only so he gets used to it more even if its expressed milk but I hate to unplease my DS as he loves the boob so much

Melly & Blake 21/03/06 N.S.W

could it just be the time of day? it's common for babies to be more cranky at this evening time of day?
do you know that the more often you feed your baby the more milk you will make. so you can boost your supply by feeding and expressing more often.
it would be sad to give up breastfeeding because of this as it sounds like your boy loves it.

perhaps your partner could try using something that smells like you as he feeds bubs. could it be that bubba is not always hungry, maybe tired or has wind? is your partner confident at soothing baby with other things , like rocking , wearing bubs in a sling, singing, walking the floor pushing in a pram? is the milk at the right temperature? some bubs may be fussy. perhaps dad could try different holds or positions. my baby wont take a bottle while she is in the breastfeeding position!

i hope you find something that works, sometimes it's just perserverance, it may take some time for bubs to get used to the new routine.
good luck

mum of 3 girls

Hey there,

The same thing used to happen with my bub. Everytime hubby would feed her she would scream. But we persisted and with time she got used to Daddy giving her a bottle at night. I think it was just time. Hubby would also maintain eye contact giving them both some really good bonding time.

Mum 2 Madison 2 & Lucas 7 months

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