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feeding and bringing up wind Lock Rss

i have a three week old son named tyler and i breastfeed him i have trouble bringing up his wind after feeding him i have tried gripe water and it doesnt seem to work instead of burping he lets it out the other end
Hi, My son didn't like parting with his wind either. I tried infacol and that did not work. I am now using brauer colic relief and it works like a charm. You could also try laying him in your lap for a few minutes then carefully sit him up so his back is straight and burp him. By laying him down the wind comes to the top of his belly and when you sit him up it has got pretty much a straight line to come up.
Let me know how you go. Goodluck.

I use infants friend and think it is fantastic! The great thing about this is that you can give it before, after and even during feed times!

Leanne, SA, 3 boys

Forgot to mention, we burp our little one every 50-70mls

Christine-Brandon born 18/8/04 Drew born 11/2/06

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