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Hello everyone, I have only just weaned fully my 10wo girl onto formula and have had some troubles finding the right one. I apologise if I gross people out but her poos are just really dark green, very smelly and really soft on the NAN formula that I am on now but that is better than S26 & Karicare which made them hard and made her uncomfortable and crying while she was doing them. I was wondering if anyone out there has had the same trouble and if soy formula has settled it? I don't think she's lactose intolerant because she didn't show any signs of it when breast feeding but I'm wondering if it still some sort of allergy to the cows milk protein. Also, has anyone tried the goats milk formula???

Larissa, VIC, Olivia Caitlin DOB: 9/10/03

Hi larissa,

I also found the s26 made my daughter Mirabi of 6 weeks poos hard. The reason why nan makes it soft is if you look at the two different cans you might find one has a higher amount of vitamins and that iron levels higher which can cause constipation.

that's why nan is cheaper. My daughter is lactose intolerent and I have her on Infasoy which is good because now she sleeps. I couldn't breastfeed because of it mind you I didn't find out until a few weeks when she couldn't keep her formula down and was really unsettled.

I hope I was of some help.


mirabi 28/11/03

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