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hungry hungry girl Lock Rss

Hi, i have a 11 week old girl, and she is having up to 8 or nine bottles a day, i know this is far to much as she is drinking anywhere up to 180mls each time. She does have reflux and is on the thinkend formula which works really well, and keeps down most of her food. I am starting to think i may have to introduse baby rice to keep her satisfied. Has anyone else expeerinsed this problem and if so what did you do????

Colleen, Redcliff,Ashlyn born 10.04.05

I didn't experience this problem but my cousin did with her 10 week old baby boy, she has now introduced solids,i know it seems early but he is loving it! But an issue i had with my now 6 week old girl is she too ate ALOT!! and so i introduced a feeding schedule because she was gaining weight fast! Yes the first week or so wasn't very nice but now she eats sleeps and wakes almost right on time for her next scheduled feed and yes i do get the odd top her up with 50ml here and there but there's nothing wrong with the odd top up now and again. In your case I would be looking at her weight gain is she putting on alot of wieght each week? how many poos does she do a day? when my little one was eating too much she was pooing alot i mean 4-5 times a day and they weren't solid at all. Do what you feel is right and good luck!

I would really recommend not starting your bub on solids till a minimum of 4 months old, as it can cause alot of problems introducing the solids to young or when bub isn't ready for solids eg respitory problems etc. I would recommend you go see your doctor about what to do.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

I would just like to say yes it is not recommended that you start solids until 4 to 6 months of age. But some mothers introduce solids earlier, I for one am waiting until 5/6 months but not everyone does. It’s your choice, I would get different opinions from different health care workers than decide. Just because the above comments say don’t do it, don’t stop there. I would also recommend trying thickened formula, this may fill bubs up more.
Hi, its true that they recommend start solids 4-6mths but not every baby is going to wait until 4mnths to start eating solids; there are bigger babies & hungry babies & even doctors recognise this. Talk to your doctor, and they will give you an individual assessment. My boy is very hungry also & I've already had the midwife at the clinic and the paediatrician tell me that even though its not generally recommended, that I will probably have him on solids earlier. Sometimes you have to do whats best for you & your bub.

Lisa, QLD, 10 month old terror

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