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to wean or not to? at 7wks.... Lock Rss

I have a 7 wk old boy who feeds every 2 hours, if I am lucky it might be 3. I have supplement fed him afew times and he has slept for 4 hours aleast!
I think my milk isn't as good as it should be as I am so tired from getting up so often during the night and then up early in the morning for my 2yr old. I also had very low iron levels before he was born.
Anyway, has anyone had much success with breast and bottle combined? He seems happy to have both at the moment. And I feel so guilty at the thought of weaning him completely when he is so young!

Any suggestions etc are most welcome!

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

Hi Em,
just wanted to say do what you feel you need to for you and your family.
I am the same person who last week posted the post big babies and keeping them fed. I was shocked to see how often my new baby boy wanted to feed, and as I too have a 2 year old who I felt I was wasnt getting near. My little piggy was feeding an hour at a time and like you as regularly(sometimes only 1/2 hour before wanting more). You are right it is exhausting, I was full to the point of leaking between feeds so I know I had milk, I just couldnt keep him full or keep up with the demand. I started comp feeding from 1 week - I coul;dnt listen to him scream anymore. Anyway I spoke to the CHN and also read some books and they all said you can do both. I am currently only doing 2 breast feeds a day but like you I have noticed the difference between his sleep cycles hes only feeding once during the night and less during the day- but not only that he will now settle himself as his not growling to go on the breast. For me its working he's happy, I am happy, my toddler loves me again and hubby is happy just because we all are smile You've done so well to keep it up 7 weeks (my bubs is only 3 weeks) if you are happy to keep going then do it - if you want to combine them do that. Just make sure its what you want to do. I really struggled with it as my first was fully breast fed and I still feel guilty but my little one is a changed baby and i feel more confident every day with my choice - even tho I ask for advice on formula feeding and people still try to give me breast feeding advice smile
Like I said this is only my experience - I am not saying is what you should do. Whatever you do it will be best for you and bub and your family and that makes it the right choice.
Good luck and hope you get some much earned sleep.

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

You do what you feel is right, I've already been through this as i had cracked nipples and i also had low iron levels before my baby was born i was actually anaemic. My little is girl 6 weeks 4 days and for a while was breastfed and bottle fed and i too felt bad! as i thought she was too young as well. But for me i have now gone completely to formula and am much happier and so is she, she gets full and sleeps like an angel. But yes i did feel aweful!!! whilst struggling with the decision also, I beleive in breastfeeding but not if all you will remember of your babies first months is the pain and fatigue you felt. I am now with my baby every step of the way. If you combine and your bubs likes it why not! If my breast didn't get so painful I would have combined for my whole breastfeeding stage.
Hey Em,

I did the combining feed for my first 2 and it was great as it made life so much easier!!

This time I have just been breastfeeding but sometimes feel it would be less stressful if I gave up and bottlefed as with my 21mth old all the sudden wanting my attention 24/7 it is so hard!

Don't feel guilty do what you feel is the best for you and bubs.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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