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3 months old won't drink out of a bottle Lock Rss

My 3 months old son won't drink out of a bottle. Sometime when I go out I express into a bottle to have some time off but he just won't take it. So he goes without feed until I give him the boobs.
Has anyone had the same problem? And how do I get him to feed out of a bottle?
Hi, I noticed noone had replied yet.
I would go to the breast feeding website at as there is heaps of information about this topic.
You might need to use a syringe or cup but check out the website for more ideas.

I have the same problem with my 3 months daughter. She will not take the bottle even if she is very hungry. I have tried changing teats and using the nipple protector. If you have any solutions to this, i would like to know too.


My DD is 4 months old and won't take a bottle either. In the first couple of months we gave her a bottle every now and then when i needed to express and that was fine but because we don't do it all the time its a bit hit and miss as to whether she will take it or not.

I read somewhere that to get them onto the bottle you need to start giving it to them the same time everyday and get someone else to feed them. so maybe the evening feed when your husband can do it. We tried this but she would just scream and eventually we would give in. I was told that when introducing the bottle a baby may take 24 hrs before they will have it so you have to persevere with it. I guess it really depends on how much you want them to have the bottle.

There's no real need for DD to have bottle yet so we haven't persevered with it...i'm not looking forward to when i have to return to work. hope this helps smile

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

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