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Breastfeeding Lock Rss

I am 17 and 7 months pregnant with my first baby. I really want to breastfeed my baby because I think its the best thing for your baby but I would like some tips on breasetfeeding.Does it hert?,How does it feel,etc.Please help me if you can!!!!!!!!!!


I have msn for those that do as well!!
[email protected]

Robinya,WA,7 months pregnant

Hi there! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
My name is Karen and I am 27 yrs old..
I breast feed my first child untill she was 14 months old and really enjoyed and I now have a 12 week old and again breast feeding !
The best thing is making sure they lach on properlly and don't be scare to ask for help! My nipples got a little sore but not to bad.
I think it's an amazing thing if you can do it but don't feel bad if you can't!
If you have any more questions just ask!
Hope all goes well!

Karen,NZ, 5 yr old girl & 2 yr old boy

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