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No air con :( Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me as I am due to have baby number 2 at the beginning of Dec, so right at the start of summer. Unfortunatly my house doesnt have air con and can get quite hot in summer. We cant afford to put an air conditioner in just yet but I am worried about the warmer weather. My eldest was a winter baby so was a bit older during the summer months. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep a newborn comfortable and cool in the hot weather?!
I might not be any help, but this is what I can saggest, I am due in Jan/Feb, depends how far I will last, my mother says I might be due at 36-37 weeks, but anyways, to keep your baby cool in winter, keep the fan on your baby, but not to high as bub might catch a cold. This is what I got from my other posts at least....Sorry if i could not be any help. I am pretty sure you can either still place a wrap around bub or a blanket....depends which one.
I had the same problem last year when I had my baby in December, we struggled the aircon broke and it was so hot. When I breastfed I would put the fan on, but didnt want to make it too windy as bubs dont like fans, I used to place a wet washer over his forehead when I used to feed him. My mum and grandmothers used to wet a towel and place it on the sides of their babies bassinets and the breeze or fans would pick up the moisture and it would be cool for the babies. Not sure, we struggled but just tried to do the best we could. Good luck I'm sure you will pick up alot of other tips.


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