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What routines did you have for your 7 week old Lock Rss

I'm a first time mum with a 7 week old breastfed baby girl.

Im not sure if what my DD is doing is normal and would really love to know if your babies were in any sort of routine by 7 weeks or just what sort of sleep patterns they had.
At 7 weeks we didn't have a very strict routine with specific times of the day but we stuck to the rule of not being up for more than an hour at a time. She would sometimes even go back down after just 45 minutes. Generally at such a young age they are still just sleeping and eating. When she woke up she would have her nappy changed, have about 30 to 40 minutes on the boob, burp, cuddles and some quiet chat, nappy changed again and back to bed. Worked for us but all babies are different. She would sleep for about 2 hours in between feeds.
Hi, I'm a first time mum too smile my DD is 8 weeks old and for the past three weeks or so she's slowly starting to become more predictable. She has a feed around 9.30pm/10.30pm and sleeps for 5-7 hours, has another feed between 5am-7am and sleeps for another 2-3 hours then at the next feed 9am-10am she's usually awake for 2-4 hours with maybe one or two 30min naps if I'm lucky, another feed around 12pm-1pm, another 1-2hour nap, again if I'm lucky, more feed at 3pm-4pm, then she usually sleeps for 2-3hours because she's so tired from being up all day (she fights day sleep like it's a war that she just has win) then another feed at 6pm-7pm, sometimes a 1-2 hour sleep, sometimes nothing until 9pm again. Every couple of days a bath is slotted in between her 7pm and 9pm feed! ( She has eczema so doesn't get a bath every day as it dries out her skin) That's a 'normal' day for us smile - Also a BF baby
My dd is 16 months now but found the book 'Save our sleep' by Tizzy Hall really helpful for routines, she is pretty strict with her routines but thought it was great info on how many hours sleep they should be geeting and how many number of feeds a day etc.
we had a routine of Sleep, Eat, Play but time wise it pretty much changed every day. Often she would only have tiny little naps during the day and if I couldn't get her to sleep at all I usually fed her again about 2-3hrs after finishing her last feed.

If bub woke before 7 I'd feed her, change nappy then back to bed. So once bub woke in morning (after 7) she would feed for up to an hr, I'd change her nappy after the feed, we would have some cuddles on the lounge with dad 30min to 1hr if he was home then a nap 30min to 1 hr then awake so I'd start all again. but times vaired heaps from one day to the next Although she nearly always fell asleep for her long sleep around 6pm. Probably because she wasn't sleeping much during the day. Took me a while to get use to getting the bath ready around 5pm.
We use "The New Contented little baby book" which is great! However bub was 6wks prem so she came out of hospital with a srict routine (fed every three ours and pretty much slept in-between)so we waited till about 2-3 months before introducng a proper routine
We love the babybliss routines. They're not very strict and seem to really suit our DS. He's a really calm, content baby and has just started sleeping through the night (12 hours). I'm also BF.
I followed the baby whisperer routine. Fed her 3 hourly followed by activity and sleep. At that age she couldn't cope being awake for more than an hour(including feeding time). I found it a lot easier for going out as she was always fed at the same time each day so I organised my day around her feeds. Also made it a lot easier when she was crying because I would know if she was due for a feed or sleep.
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