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Cold Hands and feet!!! Rss

My 12 week old baby has colds hands and clammy feet most of the time.
I dress my baby in a singlet, jumpsuit and socks on his feet under the suit. I always make sure he is nice and snuggly, his body and head are always nice and warm but he gets cold hands and feet. I also tried mittens on his hands but he gets frustrated with them.

Lisa, WA, Noah 22/03/06, Baby #2 EDD 17/05/08

feel his tummy and chest - are they nice and warm?
thats where they should feel warm before the hands and feet .... thats what the doc told me cos I was worried too

Ronan is the boy 26/04/2006

yep - don;t worry about it you are doing all the right things!! Babies circulation isn't quite as good as ours and it is really common for their little hands and feet to be icicles. As long as he is warm and snuggly otherwise don't worry about it. Ella is 7 months old and still has icicles for hands in cooler weather. She has alway liked to have her hands out up over her head when she sleeps, she has never had mittens. The only prob was she kept scratching herself. As long as they have a healthy
colour - all nice and pink - no problem.

Take care you are doing a great job

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

My baby 8 weeks old suffers from cold hands as well, instead of mittens I have placed socks on her hands as she cannot take them off, this seems to work quite well.

Mum of Charlette born 21.4.06

Hi - I am new here!
I have been looking into different sleeping bags for our baby as I am struggling finding anything that may have sleeves (that are safe!) and a solution for cold hands at night...I just stumbled across this new brand and it looks amazing. I am wandering what everyone else thinks? (you can actually attach/detach mittens and sleeves and they come in two TOG ratings like grobags!)
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