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pelvic floor Lock Rss

Has anyone found that their pelvic floor isnt the same as they used to be. I have noticed a definate change since having baby no 2. I now see a physio and have to do pf exercises but its hard as I cant do them and something else at the same time. I need to concentrate and now with two kids who can sit and concentrate. Anyhow will have to keep going and physio thinks I am prone to this as I have very flexible muscles. Ha Ha I laughed at that one. She seems to think my muscles have more elastin.

Does anyone else have the same problem?


yes i had the same problem after i gave birth to my son. i put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy and was quite sick aswell.
i couldn't believe how weak my pelvic floor muscles were after, i had an emergency caesar and left hospital before the physio came around to tell me what excercises i needed to do. needless to say i was back there in tears a few weeks later after bending down to pick up my baby and i 'leaked' a bit !!!! i was horrified ! now my bub is nearly 11months n i have kind of forgotton about doing the excercises, tho i should ! they have got stronger but don't think i can ever get them back as good again. and yes i agree i too have to concentrate very hard when i do them.

Danni, WA,

Yes I have the same problem, I have just had my second bub 8 weeks ago and I have to see a physio as well for both pf and diastisis of the the tummy muscles. The joys of mother hood. its really hard to find the time to do or remember to do the exersises isn't it.

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