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Changing nappies Lock Rss

Whats the deal with new dads changing nappies. To most daddys they dread at the fact of wiping the bums and changing. Is it only mine or do other mums have the same problem?
my hubby does it all the time, we have a rule especially with the dirty ones "finders keepers!"

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I think it's a common problem. Mine wass the same and when I did manage to get him to change a nappy, the dirtier it was, the more he carried on about it. I've now got him pretty well trained into atleast changing the nappy. All I have to do now is stop his complaining!

Mum of 1, NSW

From the male point of view, I think most guys have no idea of what to do. So they try and avoid doing nappy changes as much as possible. Once I got the hang of it and got my confidence up I tried to do my share of the nappy changes. My wife was really supportive early on but she was also fairly insistant that I learnt to do it.

Greg and Ness

I guess some guys just don't have what it takes. I'm a new father and have no problems changing our 8 week old. In fact I would go as far as to say that when I'm home from work I change her more often than her mother does!
When I had my 2nd(hubbies 1st) Ihad no proplem with him changing her nappy,in fact he would insist on doing it wether it be wet or dirty it never bothered him in the least,so I guess I'm lucky that he doesn't mind,but trying to get a 11yo boy (brother) to do it is a different story!

LittleSasa,SA girl

My girlfriend also had this problem it turned out that hubby was scared as he didn't know he had only ever changed a boys nappy once and they had a daughter. Once she showed him how to and gave him lots of encourgement he happyily shared the nappy changes.
I was lucky my hubbyand I used to argue over who was going to change the nappy it went something like this" I want to do it." "No I am going to do it" that lasted until our boy started solids and his dirty nappies started to really smell. Now we have the finders changers rule. Unfortunately that means I get them as Daddy is at work during the day.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

I have a 9 week old baby girl. In the beginning my partner would change her, but only when I asked him to. Now its a whole different story. If I ask him to change her nappy he gives me a foul look and does it in a huff. Personall I like changing her myself as it is when I get the most smiles. So I decided to just give up, now he is getting jealous as she doesnt smile at him nearly as much as me. So i think he will start changing her willingly soon enough!

Chelsea, SA, 9 week old and 3 year old girls

dont worry i have to ask my 12 y.o brother to hold my 2 mth old baby.i also have a 5y.o and a 4y.o and they'd change a nappy if i let them,they are from a previous relationship and my little baby is also my partners first child and he like your hubby has no problems facing a dirty nappy .good luck


I have a 4 month old baby girl ( our first) and my fiance was the first to change her as I was the one who was to scared of doing it wrong. We are both 20 and before she was born I had had not much experience with babies.
He too loves changing her as he gets heaps of smiles!!!
Once I found him explaining to his friend that with girls you have to wipe front to back!!!!

celeste,wa,baby Ella

I had a similair problem with my partner changing my daughters nappy, however, we now have a rule that when he comes home from work, he has to change one token nappy a day just so I have a break. And the thing is you find once they get used to that one nappy change the rest are pretty simple!

Now my partner, gives my daughter her last feed for the night, a bath, and then a massage, chills on the couch for a bit and then tucks her into bed which I think is a wonderful bonding time for both of them.

Kirria & Little Miss Hannah

My husband will now change nappies (after being shown how quite a few times!) but won't bath our daughter yet. I think some men feel a little intimidated by such a tiny person and put up a fuss about doing these things becuse they are worried about stuffing up. I sat my husband down and asked him why he wouldn't do it, and found out he wanted to spend time with Lilly, but felt a little left out as she is more settled for me. Of course I pointed out she'd settle more for him if he got more practise...!
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