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Young dad needs advice Lock Rss

I'm 20 and my gf told me 3 nights ago that she is pregnant, we always use contraception but we had a momentary lapse a few weeks ago. We live together I'm a uni student working part-time she goes to TAFE.

My gf is 23 and has a young son from a previous relationship, I'm his step-dad to an extent but I'm not sure how I could cope being a full-time dad to a child (even my own) so young especially being raised fatherless myself and not having a proper job yet.

We're very much on love, I adore kids and couldn't wait to have them some day but I'm so scared/anxious.

Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom?
How can i support her during the pregnancy?
Having a baby definatly turns ur life upside down! And alot of pll fall pregnant "accidently" lol nut just remember u have 9months to prepare urself for bub.. As sammyahh said alot of people are scared and anxious about it.. Go along to the doctors appoinments, ultrasounds, baby classes, baby shopping (etc) with her and u will soon become less worried as u learn more about it smile
I think that by showing you will come on this website and ask what you have asked means you are ALREADY a concerned father, and should be congratulated. You will be fantastic, you are already caring for her and her son, so dont worry.

you will always have your hard days, but when that baby/child smiles at you and says I love you daddy, it all goes away.

Support your g/f by going to scans, maybe try making in more details about her son, and enjoy the experience. maybe start thinking about names.

never be afraid to ask for help.

She’ll need to process this life change, which means she’ll need you to listen. So be ready to be a good listener.
There are many simple things you can help a mom to be. Gestures such as foot massages, running out to satisfy pregnancy cravings and touching the belly do not simply benefit the mom to be. Even you as a dad will feel more connected to the process.
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