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Steelcraft Capsule Lock Rss

Hi I was wondering does anyone know where you can buy if possible, the sun shade- canopies for car seats?
We were given a Steelcraft Cruiser Capsule in great condition, but either it's an early model from 2004 and they didn't have them (although it seems to have the side parts for it) or the one it had was ruined etc. I was wondering, surely there is somewhere you can just buy that part for them? Or do Baby stores sell canopies you can just put on any carrier? I haven't come accross any. Thanks.
If you don't have any luck finding a replacement of the same brand, you could try a Snoozeshade. We have one that fits over our capsule, but can also stretch to fit our full size pram. It's a much darker shade than what the pram originally came with, so it may depend on how much shade you want smile
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