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twin prams Lock Rss

Does anyone have any advise for the best twin pram. I am wanting a side by side pram. I have looked at the steelcraft and Peg perego.
hi my best freind has the valco twin pram and loves it she also has a toddler seat that snaps onto the front as well for her toddler.
Hi Jen,

My advice dont go for a side by side one, the seats are really narrow, they dont fit through the isles at the shops (except for supermarkets) but they dont fit down the checkouts either..

My advice to to Babies Galore and ask them to show you the "Phil & Teds E3" they are great!!

Good Luck

I've got the valco twin runabout & love it. my kids are 21mths apart & I still use it 18mths later... it holds up to 25kgs each seat, so I have heaps of use to still get out of it.
I have a Phil & Teds E3, it is really great for the twins. It is really easy to fold and get into the car. It also gets through doors okay.

PS. If they're too expensive then I would advise you go for a second hand buggie, but the Phil & Teds E3 is great.


Lilly,6/ Paige,14mnths & my angel Maddy-SIDS

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