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Can anyone think of nice girls names that can be shortened to Immy?
I really like Immy - but don't like Imogen.
I don't mind if they are unusual if they sound pretty!
i like imogen myself, but i hav a couple of others, don't know if u'll like them or not
Got them from the huggies name finder. I'm not too sure about them but you may like them. hope it helps. x good luck that even a name LOL
hehe - thanks guys!
sorry I'm chuckling at Immaculada - sounds like dracula! She'll probably love that when she's going through a goth faze at 15...
PS - I love Immy and my hubby does too but doesn't like it for when she's older and needs to be "professional" - boring!! She's going to be a pisces like me, so I wonder if she'll really be "professional" haha - she'll be some creative daydreamer!
Anyway - if I can't find a name he likes to lengthen it to - we've decided on Mia - do you like your name Mia?

i love the name mia. i wanted to call DD Amelia and shorten it to Mia for a nick name but DH didn't like it so we went with Ashlee

Have a cuz named emcille we call her im im so immy would work with that

goodluck smile

You could go with....
Imarie (I have a friend who's daughter is Inarie)
Or you could just go with Imogen, like you said you will call her Immy anyway. This way she can used Imogen for when she is older and needs to be "professional"
Could you shorten Dimity to Immy? Mmmmm.... nah, scrap that comment, that was me thinking out loud! LOL!

what about calling her Imagine?
that's wild and out there but i think pretty cool too.

3 girls under 3

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