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Cant Decide.... Lock Rss

Hi all, I am new to this site and was would like a little bit of help/guidance. We have 5 weeks to go and are stuck on a boys name. We're all sorted on the girls name but have only managed to narrow our boys list to a final 5...
I'd love to hear everyone's opinion's and maybe it'll give us a point in the right direction!! The middle name will be either Michael or Rhys depending on what we go with...


What do you think...?

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I like Jasper Rhys the best of those.
I like Deakon, but spelt with a c, so Deacon.

Hi there,
i definately like the name Kyan and maybe instead of Koby,
i think the name Kody is nice for a boy !



I like Deacon (I agree it is nice with the 'c') Rhys or Kyan Michael.

Good luck!

We are in a similar situation however we are stuck with the girls name!

I like Deakon the best although I would prefer it with a 'c'.

Remy, I always think of as a girls name or maybe it's just because I have always liked it for a girl.

We are at this stage naming our son 'Archer' so if you like that you can add that to your list!

Good luck!
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