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hey leish,

my cousins little boy is Jackson Daniel, he gets called jack but when he's being naughty they call him jackson daniel which sounds better than jack daniel

just a thought but if you're worried about teasing why not call him Jackson Daniel, then shorten it to Jack. Not many people use their middle names anyway I reckon.... good luck with your decision !

Lovely Miss Lucy born 05 February 2009

I think it's gorgeous name! I wouldn't use it personally, purely because of the alcoholic beverage. But, that said, how many people use their middle name anyway? The only people who'll know it, when he's old enough to have peers who know what Jack Daniels is, are those he chooses to tell. I do like JD for a nickname, as someone else said.

And who am I to talk anyway lol I named my son Bailey (no doubt he'll get Baileys one day).
ange68 DH wont have a name that is shortened, he just doesn't like them. which is fair enough, figured u cant go wrong with jack there is no way u can shorten that!
i love the name jack daniel i just don't want him to get teased heaps. but i wouldn't mind being named after a drink, well he wouldn't exactly be named after a drink it does so happen that DH LOVES JD the drink, but like i said Daniel is DH name and Jack was my pops "name" (really john) but he was always Jack or Tilly, didn't actually know till a few years ago his name wasn't really jack lol.
we have always said we always wanted our kids name to be theirs not named after anyone, but this time i duno it just seems so right and to fit perfect
i think it is fine, no one will really ever call him by his first and second name together (except when he is getting in trouble, but of course he is going to be a good boy, right???!!!)

i like the idea of a name that can't be shortened too, thats why we chose Josh (not Joshua) for our DS. i figured that being called joshua he would get called josh most of the time, so why not just make it officially Josh!!!

my nephew is called Jack Dylan (JD), and no one really ever calls him JD, just Jack.

thats what i tried to tell DH we dont ever call our son Rhylie Parker, its just rhylie or with his last name.
for the first few weeks you tell people their first and middle names and then that is it.
i just keep mentioning every now and then i really like hte name Jack Daniel lol hoping ti grows on him
I had this same dilema.

My DH's name is also Daniel and we used this for DS's middle name so I decided against using Jack as a first name (it was a name I really liked)

It's up to you but I thought more about the fact he might get teased and stuff at school.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

my hubby desperately wanted our son jack to be jack daniel but i couldnt go through with it!!

Zali, Adam & Jack!! Watch this space for news on

I don't mind it at all. But just so you are aware that when they start school (well at my schools with the kids) when they have notes (excursions, camps, payments, etc) come home, it always has their first middle and last name on the paperwork... I always think to muyslef, thank goodness my kids have good middle names cause mine is horrid and would be so embarrassed to have it printed for all the kids in class to see.
anyway, its a nice enough name, i think its only adults anyway who wouold say something if anything i don't think other kids would know
alwaysawake thanks hadn't thought of that.
well i might keep mentioning the name and see how we go, we have just under 3.5 mths to decide. but i still like it
I stupidly played along when a good friend asked me what names I have chosen for bubs - well I won't fall for that one again ! she sat there and snapped back at every suggestion : she'll get called Juicy Lucy, Mad Maddy, Charlotte the harlot etc.... you get the picture. I was stunned thats all she could think of first, what the child would potentially get teased with. well god help me if it has red hair too (tongue in cheek ) LMAO so definitely not telling any friends/ family until he/ she is oficially named. Don't think people would dare say stuff like that once you've named the baby surely.... I've learned my lesson. (I might tell you girls though, lol)

Lovely Miss Lucy born 05 February 2009

I think it is ridiculous, but that's obviously JMO.
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