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What do you think of Indira? Rss

Do you like it better than India?
I prefer India or Indiana.

An alternative would be Inari or Inara?? Love Inari...
Not really a fan of either-though if I had to choose I prefer India.
I prefer India or Indiana too - one of my girlfriends has an Indiana. She's Indy for short......

I prefer India over Indira too. I used to have a work colleague called Indira whom wasn't the nicest person, so I'm a little biased (silly I know). smile]

Not a fan of Indira or India!
I prefer Indiana or just Indie!

Dont like it. It reminds me of the mother from Bewitched - I think her name was Endora???

Nope don't like it at all. Reminds me of Indira Naidu the ABC newsreader.

Obviously I love Indiana LOL... India is gorgeous too smile
It's quite pretty but made me think of Indira Naidoo who used to do the SBS news. Is it an Indian name?

Nope don't like it - it seems like too much of a mouthful. Would have India or Indiana any day they're both gorgeous!!


I dont like India or Indira... I like Indianna though smile

I quite like them both, but I really like Indigo!!
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