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Jorja - does anyone have a bub with this name? Lock Rss

we are thinking of using the name Jorja for our wee girl, due in November.
Wondering if anyone out there has used this name, and had any issues, like do you have spell it everytime? do people pronounce it wrong, any other issues?
[Edited on 23/08/2009]

I have a cousin named Georgia and I much prefer this spelling, Jorja just doesnt look right to me.

I did go to school with a Jorja and believe it or not although it was pronounced correctly she was teased over the spelling.
Much prefer Georgia
I think you will find Jorja is now the way alot of people spell this name.
Its pretty popular.

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

I love it spelt that way and that the way i spell it.
Its a very pretty way dont you think?

Good Luck
i really don't like it spelled that way. As a lot of other people have said, it looks wrong. I generally don't like 'different' spellings, however popular they become.

I love the name Georgia and love the traditional spelling. I have a cousin by that name.
[Edited on 24/08/2009]
I know one person with a child that name and I also know 2 Georgias - one of the Georgias spells her name as Jorja unless it's on an official document.
also i would think that if it were to be mispronounced you would get YOR-YA but it wouldn't be often as it's pretty straight forward
hiya smile

well i dont know a bub with this name but my best friends name is jorja.. spelt that way. now 19years old she loves her name.. sounds normal but spelt slightly different from the traditional way!
I think it's a beautiful name - and the spelling is really pretty. I've considered this name as well, it's so girly. I'm not really a fan of "G" names (don't know why?!) but I really love the name...

I don't really think kids could tease too much over the spelling (I'm not sure how you could tease over it?!) but the pronunciation is the same so I think if the name itself would be teased, it would be teased no matter how it was spelt.

Good luck, names are the HARDEST thing to pick - as they are for life!! smile

Rest assured though, that if you do decide to go with Jorja - your DD won't be the only one with it spelt that way smile

All the best!

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

a friend of mine has named her little girl jorjah i think its a great name cause we both liked it

DS 11/01/08 DD 20/12/2009

Its a lovely name i wanted to call our daughter Georgia but am having second thoughts about the name. Because alot of people in my town are having babys called Jorja or my other favourite name Aslin but spelling it Ashlinn
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