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If you were to give bith to twins........ Lock Rss

how about tamsin and thomas? both of which mean 'twin'. we have several multiples in our extended family and the choice seems to be names that start with the same letter and names that sound similar. our trips are 18 now but they got elizabeth, ella and leigha.
wow Dp and i would take for ever 2 agree so we might choose one name each if by the end we couldnt agree it would be hard.

B/B: Brodie(Brody)Cooper and Ayden James

G/G Alexis Jayde(Jade)and Sienna Charlotte

B/G: Ayden James and Sienna Charlotte

Good luck with the names smile

Mummy to a dd born the 29/02/2008
Ds born 26/08/2010
Baby Girl due 16/10/2012

thanks for all the replies. I havent had a chance to read them yet, we had a major scare tuesday night and ended up in hospital and having an ultrasound. They are both ok at the moment but I have had a big bleed and there is still blood stuck above the twins.

Dr's are hoping it will slowly dissolve because if it tries to come out it may dislodge the twins. So I am on strict bedrest untill next week when i have another ultrasound to see if the blood is being dissolved or not.

I will read all the posts in the next day or two, thanks again

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

Oh my goodness you poor thing!
How scary for you - fingers crossed the bubs stay put.

Make sure you take care of yourself sad
Thinking of far along are you now?

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.


Sorry to hear about your news. Hope that all works out for you and the blood dissolves.

We had identical boys in January we called them Riley Stephen and Brodie Micheal. We knew that we were having boys from about 14 weeks had the worst pregnacny ever and had scans on average about 3 times a week. We found it really had to come up with four names. I think we searched just about all the baby name web sites we could find. We chose the names that suited the boys Riley had to fight to survive for the pregnancy and it means fighter and Brodie means sceond born son and he was born second. But didn't really matter who was born first as we already have a daughter who is three and she is Samantha Jane.

I hope that you have a better time than what we did.

Good luck

Thinking of you that sounds very scary xxoxoxo
BB - Cooper + Luke
GG - Ivy + Audrey
BG - Cooper + Ivy
Izaak and Kyans mum,

my maiden name is Jamieson so we have actually considered this as a first name if we get stuck.

And then he would just get jamie for short.

thanks for the replies and concern, I am doing ok at the moment. Just taking it easy and hoping for the best

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

2 boys: Liam and Lachlan

2 girls: Makayla and Chloe

1 boy and 1 girl: Hunter and Evelyn

Hope everything is ok
[Edited on 17/09/2009]
all the names you have listed are totally beautiful.i dont think you need to keep looking,they are fantastic!
Because our twins are identical, we wanted distinctly individual names...starting with different letter and different syllables. We chose Bridget and Josephine. Sometimes we shorten them to Bridie and Josie.
I really don't like matching names for twins. My pics are:


Ruby & Charlotte


Riley & Joel


Riley & Charlotte

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