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hi, I have just found out that my second child is a boy. I have found that this time it is a diffrent sort of feeling, yes we are excited but not as excited as we were when we found what we were having the first time and it is the same as when we found out that we were pregnant. Have any other parents felt like this???? Is this normal????

kylie wa, 7mnth baby 20 wks pregnant

congrats snook.
I am 21 weeks & found out that we were having a boy (70%) also. Hubby was more excited than i was but the idea is growing on me.
We have one of each already but hubby really wanted another boy. Im sure the idea will grow on you too over time i(ts taken me 3 weeks) but now find myself looking at little blue baby clothes quite often.
hi Kylie,

Yep i would say what u are feeling is perfectly normal!! we found out on Wednesday that we are having another boy this will be number 3 so the only females in my house is me and the dog LOL when we were told on wed my first reaction was dissapointment, cause i am not having anymore babies but now we are just so excited to be having another baby we really don't care what sex it is!!

take care xxx

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