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Help with names! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Was just hoping to get some opinions on some names!


Charlotte Daisy
Milla Rose
Audrey Grace
Matilda Iris


Max Elijah
Xavier Thomas

Thanks in advance!
Ooohhhh i love them all!!! i really don't know which ones i like the best of either your boys or girls names..
Love all the girls names but would probably go Charlotte or Matilda myself (although similar to your names my fav name would be violet grace...)

WIth the boys i think I like Max better...

good luck, you have picked some gorgeous names..
i love Charlotte Daisy!
what about Matilda Rose?

boys i love Elijah and Xavier
although Xavier Thomas gets my vote.

I like Audrey Iris & Matilda Rose.
I like Elijah Thomas

Good luck choosing smile
Hey there,
From your list my faves are Audrey Grace and Matilda Iris, but I also love Matilda Grace and Audrey Rose!

From boys list Xavier Thomas or even Xavier Max..

Very nice taste smile

My favs

Matilda Iris

Xavier Thomas

Very nice names smile
I love Audrey Grace for a girl. From the boys names I like Max Elijah - but I would switch it to Elijah Max, I think it flows a little better.
i like Charlotte what about Charlotte Grace???
Milla is really cute 2 but is coming very popular lately

for the boys i like
i like Elijah max better than max elijah

good luck smile

Mummy to a dd born the 29/02/2008
Ds born 26/08/2010
Baby Girl due 16/10/2012

They are all great, but Milla Rose and Xavier Thomas get my vote :0)

I like all your choices actually my faves are:

Girl - Charlotte Daisy and Milla Rose
Boy - Xavier Thomas (or Elijah Thomas??)

What gorgeous names!

I love Matilda Iris and Audrey Grace.

For a boy I would flip it around and go Elijah Max.

Good luck!

OMG I was just thinking about Matilda the other day - it's my grandmother's name. I have always loved the combination Matilda Rose although Matilda Iris is nice to.

For a boy I have always liked Xavier.

Good luck.
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