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stuck on middle name any ideas?? Lock Rss

my dh has finally choosen a name for bub #2
but now we are stuck on the middle name any ideas would be great


Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

I think spelling it Alivia will make it difficult for your daughter because Olivia has been so popular, have you considered spelling it Olivia?

Alivia and Olivia are two separate names prounounced differantly in my opinion and personnally i prefer Alivia as its a bit more unique!

Alivia Clare
Alivia Kate
Alivia Eden
Alivia Skye
Alivia Rayne
Alivia Fern
Alivia Eve
Alivia Shae
Alivia Holly
Alivia Iris
Hi ,
I like the name ... what does your last name start with as you will have to think about making sure her initials don't make a word or are initials for anything eg. Alivia Bree Christmas could be shortened to ABC and that will lead to all sorts of teasing etc. from the kids at school Just a thought - good luck !
thanks for your replies. Her initals will be A _ S-A.
i like alivia eve and eden might run them past hubby lol

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Alivia Paige
Alivia Shye
Alivia Marni
Alivia Dawn
Alivia Payton
Alivia Rae
Alivia Tess
Alivia Beth
Alivia Kate

[Edited on 11/12/2009]
Sorry to ask but if its not pronounced Olivia how do you say it???

Alivia Katherine
Alivia Grace
Alivia Isobel
Alivia Gabrielle
its pronounced ah LIV ee ah

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

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