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Nellie for a girls name? Lock Rss

Hiya everyone..

Just putting it out there, what do you think of Nellie for a girls name, It was my grandmothers middle name and we were extremely close but im thinking it sounds a bit of an old name. My husband wants Charlotte if we have a girl but it was such a popular name last year im not sure if im so excited about it anymore and leaning more towards Nellie? I would love some suggestions......


I really like Nellie - i have an amelia (millie) and Archie, so i love the old names.. i think the are funky and will age well... i love the connection with your grandmother - if archie was a girl he would have had one of my grandmothers names too.. i say go for it..
I think Nellie is a very pretty name & how beautiful it would be to honour your late Grandmother by naming your daughter after her. Even if you didn't uuse it as a first name you could use it as the niddle name?

i agree with the above posts.its a lovely name.
Nellie is a beautiful name. I agree with the others and you could always use it as a middle name ifyour hubby doesn't really want to use it
I like it smile
Nice choice Delle!!
I LOVE it!

me too... i think it is very sweet..

I like Nellie. One of my friends gets called that and her name is Janelle.

I do however like Charlotte more.

Saw Nella today thats pretty too
I really like the name but you do know everyone will sing....

Nellie the elephant to her! which is kinda cute I guess.

Know what you mean about Charlotte although it is still a pretty name.

Good luck
I think it is a lovely name, and even though it is old-fashioned at least there won't be 3 girls in her class at school with the same name. I have 3 boys, Oliver, Thomas & Henry (family names for us) and we are at the final stages of a girls name, due in less than 5 weeks. I have gone for older traditional names to match the boys but also something that not everyone else has. Also you will find that nearly every name will have some nasty saying to go with it, it doesn't matter how nice or pretty it is. Kids will be kids and thats just part of life i guess. The other thing i have found is that all the names i really liked and were on our list are extremely popular so we have had to take another look. Good luck!

No 4 on the way!

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