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Looking for Opinions!!! Really need some help :) Lock Rss

We just found out we are having our second boy and can't agree on a name.

Our first son is named Flynn. My husband really likes the name Deegan for our second but I'm not sold.

Do you think Deegan is a good name and does it go well with Flynn? I'm so stuck!!!!!!
No, i don't think it goes with Flynn. Keegan though I think sounds good, and is similar?

No. Just no on Deegan :/
Sorry I don't like deagan or keegan.

I think Flynn and Deegan are a total mismatch. Deegan seems made up to me. Names I think are a great match for Flynn would be:

Flynn and Archer
Flynn and Hudson
Flynn and Beau
Flynn and Jude
Flynn and Max
Flynn and Connor
Flynn and Sullivan

Good luck!

What about Deacon? Or Dallas?
I really like Deegan! I think it's spunky, easy to spell & not too popular like Flynn??
I know a Keenan too! I love the Hudson suggestion! What about Ryder? Good luck deciding! smile

hmm not sure about Deegan either

what about

flynn and max
flynn and harrison
flynn and zac

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I like deegan but I think u need to love it I love the suggestion of hudson
Thanks so much for your help everyone.

I love Archer and Hudson also however I have two friends who have named their son this sad
Ohh, really like the suggestion of Rafferty smile My ds3 has a Rafferty in his class. (gets Rafi mostly)
My ds1 has a name similar sounding to Flynn. So some of the names we considered for ds2 - Leo, Hunter, Riley, Zeke, Oscar, Jasper, Campbell.
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