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Baby girl due in about 12 days . . Help with final three names PLEASE!! Lock Rss

Our top three names are:

Hayden . . yes its a little masculine and I am concerned that people will think firstly a boy. But my husband really likes the name and he thinks she will grow up strong willed and outgoing. We heard the name from the actress Hayden Panettiere off Nashville.

Next on the list is Brooklyn. We both really like Brooke but know a few and thought Brooklyn might be a little different and she could have Brooke or Brookie as a nickname.

And last but not least Kendyll. We both just heard the name about two days ago and really fell in love with it.

Would really like some feedback and honesty on all three names. Cheers

I'm sure when people hear the name Hayden they will automatically presume it's a boys name but I like that its different. I never really thought of it for a girls name until Hayden Panettiere became famous and it suits her.
I like Kendyll - but spelt Kendall smile
I'd say go for Brooke as you both really like it. I wouldn't let knowing a few bother me. It's not real common to me, I haven't heard it much.

To me they are all quite masculine names. I don't mind Kendyll spelt as Kendal or Brooke.

Kendell is such a lovely name, I know 2 kendal's (loads of options on the spelling) in their 20's and they are both so lovely, we considered it if our one is a girl.
Other than that I like Brooke, but not Brooklyn.

I like Brooklyn followed by Kendall.
Hayden and Kendyll/Kendall. Not crazy about Brooklyn.
What about if you just spell Hayden different - like Haydn, Haydin, Hadynn

Baby #1 on the way

Or, Another name similar I've heard before is Hadley. Love that name actually

Baby #1 on the way

I like Brooklyn the best & Kendell second!
Hayden is too masculine for me but just my opinion!
I like Haylee or Kaylee though?? Or Keeley!?
For some reason Dakota is coming to mind too!?
Or Mackenzie with the nickname Kenzie??
Lol sorry I'm really no help at all!? wink Good luck deciding! smile

Hadlyn instead of Hayden, it's feminine and unique,

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