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Slater / Fletcher / Blake - which boys name? Lock Rss

Hi my baby is due in 6 days and these are the 3 front runners for our little one. Which name do you like best?

Slater Allan
Blake William
Fletcher James nn Fletch

I love them all and can't decide, I'm sure one will fit once we see him.

Raspberry Sundae wrote:
My order of preference would be...

Good luck deciding.

Ditto - same as above smile All the best with your birth smile
Yep my order is the same as raspberry and wooden spoon smile

I like both Fletcher and Blake, not a huge fan of Slater.

I like Fletcher, then Blake. I would not use Slater at all (kind of insect thing?)
I hated slaters (those bugs) growing up - ewwww! Hope you don't choose it for his sake wink Your other choices are a lot nicer!
blake than fletcher .... not a fan of slater smile
Fletcher first then Blake. Wishing you a safe journey to meeting your new wee bundle.
Fletcher is a great name, then Blake then Slater. We are having the same debate (different names).
I would say Blake as this is in my top 3!!
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