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Baby boy due in 6 days - no idea what to call him! Lock Rss

Hi all,
we already have 2 daughters
Hazel Elizabeth
Georgiana Ivy
and are expecting a boy due on May the 4th (so Star Wars names have been the main topic!) my husband and I can't agree. I like names that can be shortened to one syllable and that are 'tough', my husband just wants to call him Ross. I have convinced him to consider Rosco or Roscoe as an option, but it doesn't really grab me. Has anyone got some good boy name suggestions? Oh, also I am a school teacher so nothing too popular as I always feel sorry for the students who have to use their last initial (I once had a class with 4 Hayleys!!)
Hi there,
I love the names of your two eldest!
For the newbie I'd suggest Sidney, Zachary, Casey, or one of the Finn names - Finley, Finnegan etc.
I think they go well with the others and Sid, Zach and Case are all cool nicknames.
Good luck!
I like Roscoe A lot smile

Hazel, Georgiana &

Nathaniel (Nate)
Willoughby (Will)
Theodore (Theo)
Augustus (Gus)
Dominic (Nic)
Leopold (Leo)
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