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Which names do u think r better? Lock Rss

Hi please give me your my opinion on my girlz names!
Josey Annalise or Jessica Ruby?
Thnx 4 ur time n Take care!


my vote is for Josey Annalise wink
they were both on my list of possible girls names!!!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

My vote is with Josey.


I am going to go against what everyone else has said i like Jessica Ruby. I dont really know why i think that name just sounds a little more classier i guess but they both would be good names to use. Hope this helps you a little bit in your decision.
I like Josie Annalise smile

I like Jessica Ruby! To me i think the two names go better with each other than Josey Annalise, although its still a beautiful name also!
Personally i like Jessica Ruby but then again i'm one of the weird ones who like the idea of the 2nd name being shorter than the first. That's just my thing though!

Good luck!

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

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