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whats your babies name??? Lock Rss

Jazmyn Kayla and Zachary Angus.
My little girls name is Elailah Mollie ( elailah means angel in Hawaiian and Mollie is after her great grandmother. I am pregnant with a little boy and his name will be Anderson Joshua (Joshua after his daddy)
My girl is Issabella Grace I put two s in her name to be different people try to correct me all the time.
Cheers Bec

The joys of having a newborn...

Izabella Maree.

Maree is my mums middle name and my middle name also so even though it's not a tradition to give your daughter the same middle name I thought it'd be nice to make it a tradition. Hopefully Bella will give her daughter the same middle name when she's older. Much when she's 30!

Issabella Grace

The joys of having a newborn...

Cooper Shane

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Ryan Matthew smile
Anita Susanne (7)
Ayden Alexander (3)
Abigail Jean (15mths)

We wanted to name them all A names because we wanted to confuse (sp) them when their older and start to get their own mail LOL.
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Brodie Wayne B...

Nicole Mum to Brodie 17/10/06

Mum to Brodie 17/10/06 & Abby 17/8/2009

my son is Callum William W (william after his grandads)
my daughter is Shannen Janice Sonia W (janice is after my mum, Sonia is after my gran,my mum and me our middle names)

mumof2 1boy1girl

Keirah Rose S (3yrs)
Nicholas Jaymes S (11mths)
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