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Names to go with Hunter and River Lock Rss

Hi there, we have two boys, Hunter Cole and River Paul and have just found out we're expecting another baby. Hubby and I agreed quite easily on the first two names (much to my supprise, as he's very old fashioned!).
A lot of people think River's name is forrest and that would be ok apart from Forrest Gump!!!
I like the name Summer for a girl, but don't know if I can convince hubby of this one!
This is the last baby for us, so if it's a girl, I would like the middle name May-Sea (not sure of spelling yet, but thought would go for something different than Macy), my middle name is a family name which is May, so thought I'd jazz it up a bit!
Has anyone got any suggestions to go with these names?

Milli, 2 boys, Hunter and River

[Edited on 09/11/2009]
How about Maycee for the spelling. I like that.

You have such good strong boy's names. Do you want pretty for a girl. Pretty ones like Summer are April, Lily, Alia, Rose. Had some more but forgotten them now.

Karen, mum to Gabrielle 1/9/03, #2 edd 24/8/05

Hi, here's afew names that might go well with Hunter and River, following the nature theme (love them by the way!)

(I also love Summer)


Good luck!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

why worry if you need a name then put all the ones you like in a hat and same for the hubby (different hats) then what ever you come up wiht thats it and if the name dosent sound right he will let you change it after all thats the first gift your child recives and it will to belong to bub forever, my nana beged me not to call my children any stupid names but i love my tate, daymon, and dasan dont give in for nothin, im having twins soon but wont say there names cos there individuals
Hi everyone, thanks for the suggestions. I guess in a way we do want to stick with the nature theme and if we can find a name we both like one ending in er too!
Some neat names there. I love the name Riverlee, would never have thought of that for a girl. I always thought River was a boys name, but have had a few people tell me they know female Rivers!
We still have a while to decide yet, so we'll keep thinking.

Milli, 2 boys, Hunter and River

Hi Milli,
Don't know why, but 'Brook/Brooke' comes to mind and is either a male/female name.
Good luck. My son was 4 days old before we named him. We had the middle name, but not a first and the hospital staff were quite amazed at this. I guess we knew a name would come to us as we got to know him a little more!
Bye for now,

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

My Mother has suggested Summer Breeze for a girl and my Sister said Fisher for a boy.
What do you think of these names?
Not too sure on the Fisher myself, but my Husbands eyes lit up when he heard it!

Milli, 2 boys, Hunter and River

I've been thinking about this for a couple of days. And one name that popped into my head was Taryn. I wanted that name for a boy, then my friend told its a girls name. i like it as either. My nephew's name is Jaryn. hope this helps!

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

ok milli, this has been doing my head in! I can't stop thinking about names for your baby. last night the name Lavender popped into my head. what do you think? it ends in 'er'.

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04


Summer Breeze is nice but what about Summer Lilly.

Dexter which is Latin dexterous, right side
Drover which is Old English water
Jaeger which is German Hunter
Oliver which is Old Norse, Latin, Old French kind one; olive tree, peace
Parker which is Old English cultivated land
Xander, Xavier, Xzavier, Zagger, Zander, Zavier.

Just a few more for you to think about


Just wanted to let you know that i absolutely love the name Hunter, my daughter was born in September 2004 and i was so set on having her called Hunter but because our last name is White we decided it might be best not to name her that as later on she might get teased at school (the great white hunter) so we ended up calling her Maddisyn and her middle name became Hunter.
Sorry i havent helped with your question but i will try to come up with a few names, while i was in hospital one mum called her baby boy Nixion and another called her daughter Aragon(not sure of spelling but the character from lord of the rings)
Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
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