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Ok honest opinions! ... OTIS Lock Rss

Bub is due today (having irregular contractions but now nothing) and I've just heard this name... Otis (pronounced OWE-TIS). I know it's probably old fashioned and not suitable for a newborn but I think it's unusual, uncommon and strong. What is your first thought when you hear it?

[Edited on 22/06/2007]

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

Yes it is unusual but honestly i think of Milo and Otis the movie about the cat and the dog

Sorry not a fan but if you love it go for it it doesn't matter what other really think

Thanks Ella78, I'm not 100% sure on it so must be a sign! just after something different. this naming game is so hard!

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

I think of the movie too but there are lots of names that remind you of a movie or similar, that isn't a bad thing.
I don't not like the name, but I don't love it either if you know what I mean. Hope labour goes well, sounds like your nearly there!

Yeah it is hard I had dd 1's name before she was even born and DD 2 was withing a month of finding out i was pregnant and dd 3 due in September I have only just decided what to call her. good luck with it all

Thanks Breesta, the more I think about it the more I'm disliking it. Can't believe I'm going overdue again!

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

No offence, but I think its not so good...
Hi Linda, good luck with the labour. Otis has that dog association for me too but I do still like it. There's only that one movie where Otis is the dog... I mean, people didn't stop calling their sons Edward after that Mr Ed, or Timothy after the Famous Five, etc. It is uncommon and strong.
i think it is an awesome name it is strong yet sweet!


I don't mind Otis for a boy. Its different. if we have a boy next time round my husband wants to call him Rex so the dog reference doesn't bother me at all. oh and we had a name picked outour first but for some reason when she was born we decided to call her after my grandmother and it wasn't a name we had thought of while i was pregnant.
Good luck with it all.

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