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Hi, my DH and i have pretty much decided on the name Takali for our baby girl due in Oct, but i just wanted to know what everyone else thought bout it... don't be shy i won't be offended if u don't like it!

I must say its different, never heard of it before. Its not bad actually smile

I like it, its original and pretty. If you dont mind me asking, did you hear it somewhere or create ot from two different names? We like Montaya, which we created from Montanna and Taya =0)

Goodluck with it all xx

Thank-you, It was actually the name of resturant we had our wedding reception at in Fiji (march this yr) and as i was only just pregnant DH said if we were having a girl he wanted that to be her name, and now i think it's a really nice idea as it's a really special memory.
I also like the name Montaya, it's a name i considered for a little while.

Any idea's on middle names would be great too!

Oh... that is beautiful. Knowing that i would definantly use that for her name now, as you say it is a very special memory and one you will never forget.

Ummmm... now for middle names... I think a short sweet name would go well as Takarli is a longer more complicated name (if thats the right way to descirbe it).


Hope this helps a bit =0)

Karina xx

[Edited on 03/08/2007]


I like it its very pretty. The last post was good TAKARLI JAE. Very nice

mum to tahliah 6 and Cody

Hi, I'm sorry but I don't like the name. I always think girls deserve pretty feminine names.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

I'm not a big fan either sorry. But it has a lovely story behind it.

As a tip though, google any names you come up with. If you google Takarli you'll get pages and pages of links to info on a famous Iraqi novelist - al-Takarli. I've had a couple of names that I've liked until I've googled and found less desirable associations!
How exactly are you going to spell it? Cause in the OP, it's spelt 2 different ways.. And sorry, I'm not a fan either, personally I don't like names that sound sorta made up.
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