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I have a problem I'm 16wks with my 3rd and havent got a clue for names for either sex as i used the only names I like, my sons name is Owen Charlie and my daughters name is Lily-Grace India. My son and husband want to have Harry for a boy but i cant stand it.Need some thing to sound right with what i have now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Names are so hard especially when your husband and son like a name that you dont.
What do you think of Ethan? I think that sounds good with Owen and Lily-Grace.


Hi thanx for repling I dont mind Ethan but my cousins sons called that. It is hard we can never agree on names, my husband gave in to me once they were both born, as originally he wasnt keen on the names we have.


What about Harris? It's a bit more formal and modern than Harry, but your son & DH could call him Harry as a nickname if they wanted. Personally I think Harry is a cute name and would go well with your kids names!
My suggestions are:
Ava for a little girl?? Harrison for a little boy??
I think they go well with your other children's names.
Anyway, I'm sure you will find the perfect name for your beautiful baby.

If I was to have any more their names would be

Girl - Eden

Boy - Hudson
Callum? My father suggested due to our scottish background, it is a nice name smile

I like the suggestions to 'expand' Harry - Harrison etc smile
[Edited on 02/10/2007]
Dont feel to worried, i was the same as you but i gave birth and still didnt have any names for my second child. After 2wks we both decided on Te-Kaimi Aroha (it is maori for The seeker of love). I guess what im saying is even if you give birth and still dont have one, one will come to you that fits.
What about Harrison? Its kinda like Harry which will satisfy hubbie and your son but it doesnt scream harry and you can nick name him Harris.


i was going to suggest harrison 2!! i love harry tho i think its a nice name..

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