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pregnant in adelaide? Lock Rss

im 27 and i due with my first one 8th august. going to the WCH too. how did you get into the midwife group practice? im going to a midwife every month but havnt been asked about the birthing centre...

Hi Im 2.5 hours from Adelaide and pregnant with number 4. Due in October. I am 37 and have had a gap in pregnancies as well.
Mum to Nick (17), Dylan (16), Thomas (23 months) and 14 weeks & 5 days pregnant again. Hope all goes well for you with number 1.

Hi cofstad, where about's in Adelaide are you?

I had to ask to be put on the list for the Midwife Group Practice as it usually gets booked out pretty quick. Then about 3 weeks later I got a phone call to say I had been accepted and allocated a midwife. Whether or not you're accepted usually depends on your location and how many other's they have around the time you're due. The difference with being in MGP is that you are allocated one midwife for all your appointments (which they usually come to your home for instead of having to wait for hours in the clinic waiting room!), and you'll also have that same midwife for the birth which is always in the birthing suite if you're in MGP.

Although the birthing suite is nicer than a delivery room (and has extra facitilies available such as CD player, oil burner, bath tub, double bed etc), as far as I'm aware the only pain relief they will give you in the BS is gas as it's more for natural, drug free deliveries. If you plan on having anything stronger they will admit you to the labour ward. Another thing is they will encourage you to go home straight from the birthing suite around 6hrs after the birth without having to be admitted to the post natal ward (although I told my midwife that won't be happening!).... so although it does have it's benefits, for your first delivery I would probably stick with the labour ward as at least then you have all options available to you with regard to pain relief and you'll get to stay as long as you need in the post natal ward.

If you are interested in it though, just ask your midwife about it at your next appointment.

By the looks of it I may see you in there aroundthe 8th!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Hi my name is Shell im 31yrs old and live in Two Wells and am pregant with my 1st due 31st july it has taken us 10yrs and im havin bubs at lyell mc

hello kirsty27:)

i live in taperoo, not far from port adelaide.

i went to the hospital today. and they said that the midwife group practice was booked out. but ive been happy with the midwifes this far.
can you still choose to give birth in the birthing suite even if your not in the midwife group practice? im a bit scared of taking drugs, but it will probably be good to have the option. and since its my first it will probably be good to stay a bit longer than 6 hours at the hospital too:)

but im going to ask about water birth next time. i think that sounds pretty good! and im going to take a hospital tour soon too.

yeah i might see you there:)
Hey cofstad, I don't think you're able to use the birthing suite if you're not in MGP as there's only 2 rooms available which I guess they need to keep free.

I opted for just gas with my first which was fine for me, then decided to have an epi for my second hoping to make it completely hassle free ... however that was more stressful than going natural with just gas, so decided to go no drugs again this time. I think it also helps to have things like relaxing music, aromatherapy oils (clary sage helps in labour), heat packs etc as I did with my first (again, didn't bother with my second but really wish I had). Just makes everything much more relaxing.

I would certainly recommend staying atleast 2 days or so with your first as the midwifes are great support for breastfeeding etc.

I also wouldn't mind looking into a water birth. Some of the rooms in the labour ward do have baths & I think you just need to request a room with a bath when you call the hospital after going in to labour. I had a bath with my first but unfortunately by the time I got in, it was time to get out again & start pushing.

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Hi, were having our bubs at Callvary North Adelaide because we figure if we paying so much for private health care we might as well use it !!! No seriously I have only heard good things about this hospital and my obstetrician says it's one of the best. Who is going where for their babies births?
Hi there. Congrats to all. I am a single mum, 32, in Glenelg, due end of oct with my second and going to Flinders. Looking to meet up with others close to same time and area for chinwags, etc when we all to fat to work anymore and bored outta our
Hey everyone, i'm 24 and i'm having my bubs at the womens and childrens hospital and am due in seven weeks so getting very excited. I already have a gorgeous little boy and am having a little girl this time. Are there many people here who are located in the Adelaide Hills? it is so nice to have an area to talk to other mum's who are pregnant in Adelaide.
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