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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Hi ladies grin

Welcome to Huggies Little Pengie and congrat on your pregnancy, Just noticed how you spelled Mummies, Are you American? (just curious by the way, Please dont get offended)

Well, I had my bloods done yesterday afternoon, ouchy, I hate needles lol.

Today DH and I took the kids to a local reserve and fed the ducks, The kids had a great time and it was a nice walk, My right hip is aching tonight and I officially think that MS has begun, Felt nauseated all day and am craving plain milk.. normally I hate plain milk! lol!

Better go, I think DH wants me to watch a movie with him now that the kids are all in bed.

HI girls i think there is a huge possibility i may be joining you in Due in Nov 2009. Tonee i have been in heaps of months worth of TTC threads with you and i was absolutely thrilled to see you in this threadm i know how much you have wanted this and for how long.

Well the reason i think i may be joining you all.
1) have sore boobs
2) have some strange cramping and tingly sensationsom down there (from the outside kind of where ovaries would be )
3) did a preg test tonight after not going to the loo since before lunch. Very Very faint second line. I actually just thought maybe it was an evaporation line except for the fact it has a faint pink tinge and evap lines are clear.
I'm gonna test again tommorrow morning and see if i get the same sort of line come up. Then again wednesday morning when AF is due.

If this all turns out to be true will be due around 22nd. I'm thinking maybe i should just go to the doctors and have a blood test to stop all this guessing sad
Hello Ladies,

I will be joining you as well found out from my blood test results that I am Pregnant. I already have a 19th month year old girl born August 07 and am looking forward to our second new arrival 18th Nov 09 (very excited but really nervous, am hoping for a smooth birth this time round as I didn't get one last time)
Congratulations everyone and make sure you all keep in touch about how we are all doing.

Tonee - Congrats on the pregnancy, hope all goes well. We must have similar due dates, we're not that far apart. I'm due November 10th.

Congrats to everyone else with bubs due in Nov, hope to get to follow your journey's.

I'm 5 weeks tomorrow expecting our first, so this is all new. DH is 28 & I'm 26 years. Was hoping to hold out telling anyone till at least 8 weeks, but visited my parents yesterday for lunch and I couldn't eat any of it. So thought I'd tell them, they would have thought it strange if I refused lunch.
Saw a tear in Dad's eye, he was stoked!

Good luck for sticky bubs

Hi ladies grin

Hope everyone is well, Congratulations on your BFP droland, Our little ones are born around the same time in 07 smile

I just booked my dating scan for the 31st of march by then I will be 7 weeks 2 days so bub should be nice and easy to see, I'm so nervous this time round, I think because I found out so early i have all that extra time to worry myself lol!

I dont know If I should call and book in to the hossy now (it takes months to get in) or if I should wait till I've had my dating scan done lol.
Hi everyone
Im pregnant with baby #2. I have a 21 months old son Lachlan. Hope you are all well.
Hi Ladies, Great to see so many BFP already for Nov, just wondering if I can join you, Yesterday I tested and got a bfp, was due for af today so very excited but nervous as had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago @ 5 weeks. I should be due around the 17th Nov, but will prob need a dating scan and will be going to docs next week to make sure hcg levels are rising.
This will be our 3rd bubba We have a ds 05/07/2003 and dd 09/02/2006

[Edited on 10/03/2009]

Hi Ladies!

Wow out little group is growing by the day, just like our bellies!!

Welcome Little Pengie, Loz, droland, KMC, lachlansmumma and Mel!! Congratulations to you all on your pregnancies!! Fingers crossed we all have sticky bubs!!

Loz - I'm so glad we'll be on this journey together, we've been on the other one for a while too!! YAY!!! Have you taken another test????

Is anyone else finding it really hard not to tell their exciting news?? I've got my first of about 10 girls nights this Saturday, so I'm going to have to explain why I won't be drinking! I do tend to let go when I'm out!! I've also got lots of Hens nights and a couple of weddings coming up too! Oh well, at least I'll save money!!

I'm getting this weird feelings in my abdomen too. Not cramps, but like nerves twitching. I guess its a good sign that my uterus is growing, maybe??
Has anyone else had this or even with previous pregnancies??

I've also thought about starting a pregnancy diary. Just to jot down different things that I feeling, both physically and emotionally.

Oh well
I hope you all are having a GREAT day!

Tonee, I too have been having some twitching as well, sometimes I think I can feel movement, as this is my second pregency anything I guess could be possible but a little early at 4 weeks, I would say it's just our Uterus growing and expanding nothing to worry about.
I am finding not telling people my news really hard but like you I have a wedding on Saturday so people will ask why I am not drinking.
I have only told my parents (other than dh) at the moment as I really don't want to explain to everyone else if I miscarry what happened, I think it's ok to tell the people closest to you as they will be there for support but I think holding off is alot safer option, however it's all up to everyone to decide.
Anyone decided what sex they would like, I use to want another girl but now I wouldn't mind a boy, oh well as long as they are healthy.
Hope everyone is keeping themselves busy.

Hi ladies,
Just found out this week we are expecting no. 2 after 7 long months ttc. My DS is almost 22 months, which will give us a 2.5 yr age gap, hopefully a good one. I am looking forward to getting to know you all. Should get my BT results today or tomorrow. I know I definitely am, can ignore the big boobs, my husband just about fell over when he saw them. Going by my calculations, we are due 16th November. Can't wait for a Summer bub, hated breast feeding during the winter nights last time.
Talk soon,

DS Fraser 15/5/07 No.2 Due November 09

Can I join this post too?
Congrats everyone.
I am due with #2 on 12 November 2009. I have a 2.5 year old daughter and it has taken a long time to get to #2. Miscarried twins in December 07 and haven't been able to fall since. Was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in January and after only one month of medication found out I was pregnant. So excited but nervous at the same time - hoping this one sticks.
Am having an 8wk scan with my OB on 2 April - can't wait. Just want to see it and know that it is okay.
I have a really good feeling about this one.
I have very very very sore boobs. But that is the only thing so far. But with my first I didn't get sick until about 7 weeks and was then sick for about 4 months. So I am eating everything now while I can.
We haven't told family and friends yet. Will tell immediate family very soon. Have told boss as my last miscarriage happened very unexpectedly at work. He needed to know incase it happens again.
Hi Everyone!

My baby is due early November also, this is my first pregnancy so I'm a little nervous. I'm 24 & don't know anyone around my age (or anyone at all really, apart from family) who has had a baby or is expecting so it's all a bit foreign to me!
Its good to find a group here I can maybe relate to during this time!

Hope you are all doing well

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