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November 2009 Babies Lock Rss

Shan - I've been trying to concentrate too on where I think this bub is sitting. My DS was frank breech facing my left side so I felt most of his movement up near my ribs on my left side.

At my last appointment (26 weeks) this bub was head down facing my right hand side but that doesn't really mean anything yet. I seem to feel most movement on my right hand side so I think it may still be in that position. It can obviously still move and sometimes I think its laying transverse.

I have my next midwives appt next Tuesday so Im keen to know what position bub is in - I'll be almost 30 weeks.

If this baby turns breech I want to know about it early to try to do whatever I can to get it to turn. I didn't find out DS was breech until 37 weeks and it was too late to do anything about it!!

When is your next appointment? Maybe start spending as much time as you can leaning forward and on all fours LOL!!

Hi Ladies!
Long time no post for me... It’s been great reading everyone elses though!
I am doing great and am 30 weeks now. Seriously can’t believe how fast this is going and soon i will be a Mum for the first time... Freaky and exciting!
Anyway just a quick one to say that apparently lots of swimming will help your Bubba’s get into the correct position. The weightlessness of floating in the water helps it move better and fit into place!
So a few laps of breaststroke may be in order for a few of you, Perfect timing for Spring!

Take Care,
Hey all it's been awhile I can only look on my phone so think I miss alot...I'm finding out gd test results Monday and will be 30 weeks Tuesday so very excited my last was born at 30+4 after labour was stopped at 29 weeks so feeling really good to make at least 32 weeks for shore at this stage

Hi all
I haven't been on for ages and still feel very new to this forum kind of thing. Still trying to work it all out....

Anyway, it is great to be able to read the messages from everyone and see how we are almost ready to finish work and do some extra resting before bubbs arrives.

This is my third and am expecting a boy, although didn't find out with the others so just assuming what they said is what I'll get...... I finish work in three weeks and am pretty much waking up tired everyday. I too am getting up during the night, which sucks but it is good preparation I suppose although hoping that this one sleeps well like my others did. I have a big gap between them, my youngest is six so this is almost like starting again. Just coming to the realisation that it is going to be very different with all of my friends all back at work with no possibility of having other bubbys.

Anyway, many of you sound so organised, nesting and all!! I ended up working far too hard and had to start resting and had to reduce hours at work after getting bells palsy, very scary... All ok now but can't wait to finish work and start on the nursery and getting the house ready and spending loads of time with my boys....

My OB says head is down already, not sure if it will move again though, 31 weeks next Wed!! It has flown by which is good I suppose. All is going well, size is spot on with what she expected which is interesting considering how stressful work has been so hoping all is going to be great!

Anyway, rambled for ages. Are there any mums in SA on here?

Take care of yourselves, rest up well and enjoy the countdown to finishing work! I know I am...

hi all hope everyone is doing well

well i have finally finished work today. im so glad, ive been so tired lately. i worked a very physical job in an abbotoir and i dont think i could of done one more week lol

ive been getting this same pain like a cramp only it runs along the back of my left thigh up to the top of my bum. it really hurts and i cant walk properely when it happens, i wish it would go away!!!

its nice knowing i can spend some time getting things done and ready before bubs arrives, and the fact that i can have that well deserved nanna nap when i need one haha.

anyways take care
tara xoxo

Well Here we all are the count down is on, I'm still stuck on a boys name, I have our little girls name picked but he is nameless atm. I feel silly not being able to think of one that we both agree on, DH likes James, I said NO.
I have a son with the middle name James, DHs middle name his son before our marriage his middle name so I think we can rule that out! I'll just keep going with names until we agree.
It is blowing a gale here. Its about 32 degrees aswell nice Spring weather. lol. At least I'm getting all my washing dry and fluffy.
Kristy - What part of SA are you I'm in the Riverland, country SA.
I have two more weeks of work then I can relax. Can't wait.
Take care ladies

Hey everyone hope all is great

Well had scan on Thursday so was great to see bub again little wriggler lol
well not really that little lol already over 5 pound 6 so arghhh lol
also found out will not be going to term for sure, at this stage will be around the 21oct but may have to have another scan before then to double check how growth is going will find out a confirmation date on the 24th so back waiting till then lol

Danni great your levels are down just be careful thet don't go too low smile
hope everyone else is doing really well


Leigha''s little men smile

Hi Everyone,

What a day. Mum sold her home of 32 years today. Mixed emotions because it is were I have grown up. Oh well she is happy.

Nesting I can not stop and at the end of the day I am completely knackered but at least everything is getting done.
Today I cleaned all my windows, changed all the beds and sprayed my oven ready to clean out plus did all the normal stuff.

DH and DS have gone to watch Collingwood tonight and DH just rang to say ds and him will be on tv.

DD2 fell down my mums driveway today and grazed her nose, forhead and cheek. Ouch and DD1 got carpet burn at ballet today. So my poor kids are in the wars.

I was browsing through a few of the posts a couple of days ago and in Due Feb post a gatecrasher went in there asking why you wouldn't breastfeed and to give her examples why bottle was better. What the? Why do people have to force their beliefs onto you all the time. As I have said before if you can you can if you can't you can't don't stress.

Anyway have a good weekend


Bec - My next appointment is Monday so will see how bub is lying then. At the moment though it's all on one side!

Jane - We moved house 3 weeks ago and although we had only been there 3.5 years that was emotional enough. I can completely understand why you would be upset that your family home has gone whether you are pregnant or not. Also just had a look at the posts you were talking about..........definitely some fired up girls in there!!

Have a good weekend x
Anyone know how to get the lilypie thing to work, looked at other threads about it but having no luck at all
hi, my ticker thing is not working too???? so if anyone has any ideas please help us with this....
anyway i had my 30week check last week and all is good. baby has head down but he always seems to be that way theses day so i wonder if that is a clue that i may go early??
i was a bit down to hear that QLD health dont do anymore scans now so no last chance of seeing my baby but he will be here soon anyway way i guess.
i have been nesting as well....all the baby clothes washed and put away plus room all set up now i am starting on the rest of the house LOL!
hope everyone is well x
Hi All

I get the updates sent to my email and it is very unusual to have nothing come through for a whole day, so I thought I'd better post and get us back to the top!!!

DD1 is sleeping in her big-girl bed tonight for the first time. She had a day sleep in there yesterday and didn't have any trouble, and tonight is looking good already. Hopefully we can get her completely settled before the new bub arrives. I am trying to get rid of the dummy as well, but might leave that till the school hols, just in case smile

Almost set up for #2. I have everything washed, and the pram/carseat etc are all here ready to go, just have to put everything away in the drawers. I was going to do that this weekend, but FIL has organised for the branding to be done this w/end, so looks like I won't have time.

Hope everyone is well, and everyone can get a bit of quiet time to themselves in the next few weeks. We sure are going to need it come summer!!!!


Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

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