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DUE FEBRUARY 2010 Lock Rss

Lozwatts - love the name Zander... it was one that I had on the top of my list but my partner didn't like it.
Braxton Hicks - I thought mainly after 30 weeks but may be wrong.
We are getting into the party planning for my daughters 3rd bday in Oct. Can't wait.
Other than that, not much else happening on my front.
Hi everyone

Havent been on for a bit so thought i wud update.

Loz congrats on baby boy. Hope you have good luck with finding a name that suits your lil boy. I wish i had a few boy names just in case it is a boy, im so hoping its a girl, lately i have buying alot if it is a girl, if it isnt i might have to keep and part with them lol. But 8 days to go till my scan next wednsday.

Got my midwife appointment on thursday so im looking forward to that. Got a few bits and bobs to tell her, and also news about my c-section that i want to ahve

Does anyone know if you can actually request a c-section only insted of a natural birth? I ahve a bad feeling bout my obstriction and i think she will try talk me out of it, but ive made my mind up for us both, i want baby to be safe and free from infection rather than take the risk.!!!

Got scan next weds, im so so excited, it feels like it is taking forever but eventauly next week will come lol.

I have got a date for my baby shower - labour weekend on the saturday. Gonna have a few people come along, and a few i dont know lol,(the mum in laws friends lol) and after the babyshower its my dad in laws 50th party, so im gnna be exuasted well in truely that day, plus am gnna be the only sober driver. Oh the joys of having a a big extended family lol.

My cats have been good lately, apart from them jumping off my belly and it been sore afterwards, but only if they bounce off. I was worried about it as they do it often, and i try to get them off myself but they beat me too it lol.

I have been getting alot of stretching pains lately. I havent felt any movements and not even what i used to feel, so im a lil concerned about that. Hopefully babys heartbeat will reassure me on thursday. I started freaking out yday thinking what if i miscarried and not even known it and went all emotional. bloddy too emotional if u ask me lol.
I weighed my self on the weekend i put on 6 kilos in 4-half months, is this normal? i been eating alot though lately, i do need to cut back on sugary stuff and eat more fruit lol, this week ive been craving heaps of bananas etc so thats a good sign lol. Have many of you put on weight or not much at all?

My tummy is definitly hard now lol. my tummy is so pregnant and i rellay think i prob look like im 5-6 months insted of 18 weeks preggers lol. whats everyone else tummys up to lol?

Well thats all my news for now.

Hope everyone is well and active. i need to go out for walks more and get more motivated!!
Tummy rubs to all smile smile

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Savannah26 - I also have been getting lots of stretching pains. Movement has slowed compared to what I was feeling between about 14 and 16 weeks but I still feel bub everday. I think bub's position has changed because the movements I am feeling are a lot lower than they used to be and also my belly was expanding rapidly and for the last couple of days it seems to have "gone down" so to speak... but I think its just bub in a different spot that doesnt push out my belly so much.
Weight - our scales at have have broken so thankfully I have no idea what I am up to. Before they broke I had put on about 2 kilos, but they have been broken for about 3 to 4 weeks so who knows!!! I am sure the 6 kilos is normal. The normal range is quite wide.
hi all
rka - my dd birthday in oct and will be 3 also!!! we having picnic at the arturs seat maze they have a fairy garden she might enjoy so long as it doesnt rain!!

savannah - i have also put on almost 6kgs around 5 .7 actually!!! it is all normal and dont stree about the weight to much. if there is a medical reason to not have a naturl birth - like passing infection on - then most obs or mw will order induction and c section anyway well at least that is what i was lead to believe hope your scan goea all well and reassures you bub is fine. with my first i didnt feel much till wel over half way.

i have scan on friday cant wait to see the little bean. i hope all is well for other mummies.

hi how r u im due on the 2nd off march but im haveing my bubby in feb by csection grrrrr not happy but i have had 2 other csection not by choice but anyways im not to sure on what date as yet but i am also wondering how do u get the baby meter under u post pls i have been wanting to ask but i just havnt got there okies i best run daddy has just put our 2 year old son in shower chat soon

3yr old daughter & 2yr old son<a href="">http://lily

Hi ladies,
Does anyone have a gut feeling of what they may have, I was starting to convince myself that this one will be a girl then a friend of mine piped up and said that because boys run in my husbands family and we already have 2 that it will be another boy I was trying not to get my hopes up for a girl but now that balloon has definatly popped and I think it will end up being another boy. I dont mind what I have as long as it is healthy but it would have been nice to get a girl smile
My scan is all booked for the 12th oct I wanted it next week so I could find out what we are having but the lady said they dont like to do them here till 21 weeks now so now I have to wait longer, I know you are all probably thinking I am so impatient lol

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Hello all....17 weeks today....and only two weeks until scan to find out that baby is going okay and boy or girl! Can't wait to find out! Have no preference but exciting to know!

Had scan with OB on Monday and baby looked good. Placenta is at the back this time so I am feeling lots of movement. With Will, he had to kick through the placenta so I didn't feel anything till around 19-20weeks.

I BF Will and just in the last week he is beginning to drop is last night feed (he is 18mths on Friday) so I would really enjoy a BF break for a while. I am hoping BF will go well with new bub too...I remember times when I just wanted to give up so badly with Will but I always had a very good supply...which made it easier.

My plan is for another natural birth..but I will go with whatever happens and is safe for Bub. Last time I just had a pethadine shot. Don't know whether I will be so brave and go so drug free this time...What are your plans?

Still feeling nauseus...OB says it will go soon...and still have indigestion badly and terrible headaches...Hopefully they will disappear soon...Last time it was around the 20 wk mark - and that was when the restless legs started at night!

Definitely showing now! Sticking right out there...have put on two happy with that...last pregnancy put on ten kg but put on weight really quickly and actually lost weight in the last four weeks as I couldn't eat a thing - bub was on my stomach!

On holidays for two weeks now - yeah!!!

Well I am back into having BIZARRE dreams and I mean really strange. But in amongst all the weirdness I was having a scan and it was a little boy smile I've had a dream that its a boy before so it will be interesting to see what the scan says!

Mine is 28th September mummy2jayden&hunter that would be so frustrating. I remember my midwife said to have one between 18-20 weeks but the closer to 20 weeks the better because they prefer it to be about then to check everything. Dont dispair however I know lots of people who have had a couple of boys then a girl.

I have popped out more now and finally starting to look a bit pregnant but still also just fat I wish it would get rounder and more pregnant looking hehe.


Hi girls,
wish I actually looked preg and not just fatter. Its really frustrating me, but I suppose when i'm really big i will be wishing it was the other way around.

Hope everyone is good, just a short one today xo
Hi all,

Wow it has been a long time. There has been a few goings on since I last posted. Proved a very interesting read this morning. My opinion (I know I am a little late) as long as your baby gets fed (be it either breast or bottle feeding)that is the most important thing.

Well I have a ob's appointment tomorrow and will talk about the impending 20wk scan then and set a date. So still a few weeks away for me yet.

Lozwotts a boy wow how exciting. We arent going to find out. Havent with our two girls so happy to have the surprise.

RKA and Elipeters my eldest DD turns 3 in October also. The party preperations have started here too. She has been to a few parties this year and knows what they are about and is already putting in her orders. Apparantly I have to buy her a doll (we already have enough) and make a fairy princess cake. Am trying to get my head around what I am going to do for that one. I was thinking of putting a barbie in the middle of the cake (standing up) giving her some wings and decorating her skirt. Will see what happens.

Mummy2jayden&hunter I can sympahise with you wanting one of the opposite sex as I would dearly love a boy. Probably the main reason that I dont want to find out as it is hard to be dissappointed when you have a little baby in your arms.

I know that I have forgotten everybody and apologies, will take notes next time.

Well things here are exceptionally busy. Even if I had a 30hr day I dont think I would get everything done. Our house should be getting started next week. A builder is building it to lock-up stage then we will be taking over. We wanted to do the whole project ourselves but the wet is looming and we are fast running out of time. Our business is picking up and DH is run off his feet. We just brought a new car for the business and will pick that up saturday week so I will be selling my 121. It was going to happen anyway as there was no way I was getting three kids in a 121 so I will have the Navara now. They will definately fit in there. A little dissapointing thought as I was looking forward to a new car. DH is also looking at quitting his job and working the business full time, now it is done when he is back from the mines so will see what eventuates in the future.

Well ladies there is my monthly novel as I dont think I get on here more that that lately.

Hopefully everyone is well.

Take care,

Good morning ladies,
I have parent teacher interviews on today so I don't have to start work till one but unfortunately that means we are going to be at school till 8pm tonight. I would so mcuh rather be teaching than dealing with parents who think their kid is an angel and have 100 excuses when i try to explain they are definately not. Oh well so I have the morning to do some laundry, how exciting smile oh well

I am going to have a 4D scan done for keepsake memories this time. I think I'm gonna aim for when bub is around 28-30 weeks so they are nice and chubby for the pictures. Has anyone here had them done before? My friends who were preg the same time as me with DS#1 had it done but I was not working then and couldn't afford it.

Bub has moved up higher now, i felt kicking up on the left of my belly button last night. Up untill now it has always been down low and to the right. Is anyone lese feeling bigger all of a sudden. I did some research and aparently bub should be about 23cms long from head to toe now. and is putting on about 60- 90 grams a week.
hi all,
mummy2jayden&hunter - i have gut feeling also that this one is a boy will be nice to have of each. this one if definatly all beely and boobs where as dd was jus all everywhere!!!

molly&chloesmum - good luck on the buildng i hope it gets all finished and done well befor the bub comes so you can all be settled in your new house!

loz - parent teacher interviews were my most dreaded thing as a student cause i was a little well not very nice girl. i always "forgot" to tell dad and mum untill the day or after so they wouldnt go!! good luck hope all went smoothly for you

is any one else in slight wardrobe denile??
i refuse to hang all my maternity clothes up instead they folded in overnight bag on the floor of the wardrobe and all my "regular" clothes are still int here spots all hanging ip and way to small for my rapidly expanding girth!!
cant believe am almost halfway hav my scan tomorrow.
have to go by myself as all fam and friend either working or sick and dh swapped his shift so can be home in time to watch the footy!!! typical sports mad man!!!!
now am very emotional and pissed with him no more baking cookies for him for a while!!!!! so there

well thats enough for today my dd is persistently getting out of bed and its time to put her to bed for the uptenth time

chat soon liz

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