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DUE MAY 2010.......... Lock Rss

There isn't a section yet so i thought why not start one up, i cant imagine there will be too many ladys joining in this group yet but we will see how we go.

Let me introduce myself. Im Tania im 22 married and this will be our 3rd and last child. Already have 2 boys, DS1 is almost 3 and DS2 is just over 10 months old. I am due around the 5th of May but once my due date is confirmed by ultrasound i would say it will be a bit later than that.

Hope we all have a great 9 months ahead of us and congratulations all.
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Hi there!
My name is Jo, im 24 and have been TTC #2 for 7 mths. Today I got a faint BFP!! AF due on Thurs so hopefully she stays away and this is a sticky one! Fingers crossed that I will be able to join this thread and we are able to bump it up!!

Hey Tania

smile Im Tash 27yrs and I just found out Im preggers for the first time my husband and I are expecting....around the 3rd of May but will need to confirm:) Soooooooooo excited I really wasnt expecting this:)!!!

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1st big congrats to both of you
jo - any line even a faint one is a positive, how many did u do? It took 6 months to concieve our 2nd son all those months getting negative or af did get me depressed a bit, but then it finally came.

Tash - 1st time pregnant how exciting, well as u can see Tash and myself have been through it b4 so if u have any questions feel free to ask.

Hi Tania,
I took 2 of the forelife ultra sensitive ones, coz AF is not due till tomorrow. I am guessing that my levels would only be very low and may not even show up on a standard test. That is why I'm not too convinced yet and am expecting AF so show tomorrow! I will take my last ultra test in the morning and if it is still a BFP and AF hasn't shown, I will buy some of the first responses and see how I go. I know that a faint line it still a line but I just feel weird that I'm not actually late yet! Welcome Tash, If you have any questions please ask us! My DS will be three next month, so I am excited to be starting this journey again fingers crossed. EDD for me would be May 7th.
Jo xx

Well im sure its a bfp but i know what u mean about not believing it till uv missed af. My cycles are over 30 days long but have been able to test on day 28 with all my kids so far so i guess u could say i tested early on my kids but it still ended up being bfp's.
And forgot to mention EDD is 3rd of May but wouldnt be suprised if its actually later.
My DS1 is 3 on 14th of November and DS2 1 on 12th of October so have a busy and expensive end of year with presents.

Well I used my last forelife ultra yesterday afternoon and got a stronger BFP and it came up faster too! And no AF either! I am still keen to get some more HPT's though, mainly coz I just love seeing that little line come up! When are you making a doctor's appt? I was thinking of booking one for next week when I will be 5 weeks to get confirmation and a referral to my ob/gyn. I think we need to bump up this thread and get some more BFP's to join us!!

I think I might have to update my ticker later too!!!



I rung up the midwifes here in Wanganui, im assuming ur from Australia? they told me to ring them up in a couple of weeks to make an appointment because they like u to be 6-8 weeks as at 4 weeks things can happen.
Yeah only 3 ladys due in May i highly doubt that, maybe we are just the eger ones hahaha
And iv already updated my ticker had a spear 5mins so thought y not.

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