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Due In DECEMBER 2010 Lock Rss

Hi all,

Congrats on your pregnancies. . .it's all so exciting!

We found out two days ago that we are expecting our second bub!!! We've been to the doctor today to have all the necessary bloods and all that fun stuff, and our EDD is the 15th of December 2010!

Yay. . .a christmas baby!!!

Hope you are all feeling well

Well I had my first scan this morning, and everything is sitting where it should be. My baby is small, but I was told to expect this as I had an infection and was put on antibiotics at 4 weeks.

I'm still very excited though grin

I've been told to expect to go for another scan in 2 wks or so, just cause there is so much wrong with me sad DH is very excited though and wanted a pic already (even though the bub isn't even 1cm)

Hope everyone else is going well

Hey Everyone

My partner and I are very excited about being pregnant. Im about 4 weeks and the baby is due around the 6th December. It's our first.
We are both really excited!
Got GP appt today to confirm the results!

Hey Bliff,
Where i live they wouldnt let you try for a VBAC after having 2 ceasers anyway. I had a csec with my first after being in labour for 2 hours and only dialating to 4cm. Had a beautiful baby girl.

For my second i tried for a VBAC, all was going well, went into labour naturally at 38w4days. 14 hours in I had a contraction and felt and heard a 'pop'. The pain was excruciating(sp?)..the midwifes went into a panic, my doctor flew into the room and gave me an injection(which i think was to stop the contractions) and got me straight to the theatre. Apparetly my scar from my previous csec was rupturing or was about to rupture...

Anyway i had a healthy little boy although he had fluid on his lungs and bad jaundice. He spent the first night in the hummidy-crib with oxygen then spent the next week in a billi-bed for his jaundice.

How come you had ceasers hun?

Hayley X

well i have my date scan at the end of nxt week and blood test number two aswell.....the wait wil kill me i cant wait to see my bubs heart beat!!!

Hi all, thought since their are a few new ladies I would update the list.

27th Nov
leanne_345 - #1

1st Dec
jaclyn4 - #2

2nd Dec
becs22 (Rebecca) - #2
eve and joshua (Eve) - #2

4th Dec
littlebumble - #2

6th Dec
lis82 - #3
mellycolly - #1
lalawc - #1

7th Dec
jen.p - #1

9th Dec
jellybelly82 (Bec) - #1
bliff - #3

10th Dec
lotsandlotsofbubbles - #4
queenb1979 - #2
shavarn - #2
westygirl - #1

12th Dec
marinela - #1
hayley22 - #3

15th Dec
jillaroo1 - #2

17th Dec
lis501 - #1

20th Dec
jennyren76 - #1

??? Dec
perth_mum - #3
claire 02 - #2
bliff - #3

LalaWc I'm in Christchurch, I know what you mean about being hot, normally I'm cold and DH's hot, lately I'm throwing the covers back.

I had a shocker of a day at work today, really not like me, but I felt queasy and soooo tired. I wouldn't be in the least surprised if one of my work mates has an idea of why.

I'm going to go blob out in front of the TV before going to bed

Goodmorning ladies !

Well at docs waiting for results feeling soo sicky sad..

Leanne-- did u mean ur due in December ???

Congrats to all newbies we r all gonna have fun in here!

So I am feeling yuk in the morning again, boobs still feeling there gonna pop! New symtom thirsty!! Omg I wake up middle f da nght to drink Water! CrAmping few time a day still.
How is everyone feeling??

Baby dust to all


No they told me 27th of November when I went for my dating scan. Im 7 wks and 3 days today, that seems about right doesnt it? Maybe they got it wrong
Ive been having lots of sexy dreams too! and quite vivid nightmares as well.
both my sisters vomited nearly everyday right up to the birth of there kids and im feeling no need to vomit yet?
Ive just had i know this sounds embarrassing but ive had lots of wind ... my partner thinks its hilarious and says im just blaming it on being pregnant lol but its terrible tongue
Wow, it has certainly been very busy in here lately! Congratulations to all the new mummies to be! Its a very exciting time!

My scan is at 7 weeks, which is the 23rd April, i'm so excited! I can't wait to se our little 'poppy'!

I'm in Melbourne, is there anyone else here?

I'm a little cross at my mum and sister, my mum has me set to have an identical pregnancy to my sister (who had her little girl 6 weeks ago) she had pre ecplampsia and was induced 3 weeks early after a few weeks bed rest. Then theres my sister who i told my boobs have swollen (big anyway!!) and she said 'well thats not normal, mine didnt change at all till I had my baby' Then was like telling me im imagining it! Ok it is 'normal' to have swollen boobs right? Seriously I just want to have my own pregnancy and my own story and not copy her!

Anyway now ive had a sook i can get over it!!!

Hope everyone is feeling ok, ive got a bit of neausea, and majorily thirsty and very tired and of course the boobs!
G'evening ladies,

I've had a really busy afternoon. Lot's of visitor. One whom when we told them that we were expecting asked me, "Well don't you believe in Contraception"...hmmm Not the reaction I was expecting. But I guess you have to get used to "these" kind of comments.

Hayley - Oh gosh darlin! That pop must've been awful. I had to have an emergency c-section with DS. I was induced, and only progressed to 9cm when DS heart rate started decreasing and he went into distress. I got taken into theatre but the epi only took on one side so I had to have a general. With DD I had really high blood pressure and had to have an elective c-section. It went pretty straight forward except it took them 1 and a half hours to get the spinal in - ouch....
Westygirl - We have our scans on the same day!!! An poo to your mum and sister. I, personally can say that EVERY pregnancy is sooo different to the last. So don't listen to you mum. And on the boobies front - darlin - last pregnancy I could've given Pammy Anderson a run for her money! HA HA I was soooo huge. It was embaressing!

AFM - I've been sooooo super tired again today. DH even let me have a sleep in and I still feel like I haven't slept for days. Ohhh and I'm craving yoghurt and Sunkist..ha ha...I can't get enough of either!! Have you had any craving's yet?

B xxx

good evening Ladies, how are we all?
westy: everyone will have thier own opinions about things so don't let them get you down, only you know your body and its changes!

I was so sick at work today i cried, had no one to cover me so i couldn't go home ( i work in childcare) but by lunch time i was better ( thank god)
hope its not the same tomorrow at work!
I don't get to have a scan till im 13 weeks my doc has booked me in, its that normal as i read some of you are already having scans?
anyways best get my bum to bed soooooooooooooooo tired.
chat soon.xx

I had to have a scan because i didnt know when my last period was so they sent me in for a dating scan to see where i was at and i was 7 wks. Im booked in for another one on the 20th may
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