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Due In DECEMBER 2010 Lock Rss

Wow so much has happened!!! Congratulations and welcome to all the new mums! December is going to be really busy smile

Glad I'm not the only one throwing the covers off at night. It's very cold at night and I'm lying in bed like it's summer! Today I went to my GP, nothing exciting just a whole heap of blood tests and will get the results next Friday. I felt at my worse today. Very nausea and tired!! I have a cold so that's really not helping at the moment and it makes it harder when you have another one to look after.

Belly rubs to all!!! smile
queenb- I so know how u feel been soo tired yet woke up this morning with very sore back n boobs has a really bad night sad..

Well must sAy the dreams are not normal tongue I have sexy dreams to horror very gory dream grrr alot of them wake me up in the mddle of the night

sticky babies to all

marinela xoxo
Good morning ladies. Welcome to all the new mums. I wish you well.

queenb - I have had sore boobs for the past 3 days, a friend suggests cold cabbage leaves. I tried it last night and it helped a bit.

Marinela - My doctor told me anything over 100 at four weeks is good.

I had 70 something for 3 weeks, 4 days. I am hoping that my blood test I had yesterday at 4 weeks is much higher. I get my results at lunch time today. If my levels are good I will have my first scan in two weeks.

Hope you all have a great day!!.
Welcome and congratulations to all the new Mums to Be!

I have just spent the last two days basically sitting on the toilet floor. Sunday was the worse, every little smell would send me running to the toilet to throw up, but at the same time I was hungry. Not a great day as hubby was out of the house from 6am to 5pm and my 13 month old was not impressed with Mummy at all. Has anyone else been this sick? I don't really know what to do to help myself besides eating lots of little meals during the day so that there is always something in my stomach.

I just can't wait for the magical 12 week mark when hopefully it will go away!

I have finally decided to go private, but am using a GP/OB. I have my first appointment with her in 3 weeks.

That's enough whinging from me - best go and do some house work and keep my mind off my stomach! Hope you are all well!

Hi all!

Cravings are funny things arent they, i cant get enough of alphagetti and schnitzel........mmmmmm! very very weird, they are so rediculously good, but i eat so much i nearly vomit!

Oh Jac you poor thing, so so very hard with a little tacker expecting all your attention and the only thing getting ur attention is the toilet bowl! I'm neauseaous, paticulary around 3;30 pm (LOL 3;30 itis, like in that soup ad!) and over night! i have accupuncture weekly and she does spots for neausea, and i beleive it does help, maybe if you can go see one?!

Well i'm all booked into seeing my ob on Thursday! Will be delivering at Frances Perry house, and will hopefully get a tour of the place as i havent been there since it was all new! I think it may have all just become a little bit more real! Saw my GP today, just bloods and wee and a referal!

I also was told a blood test at 4 weeks of 100 is good, although slightly lower ones have gone onto have healthy babies, mine was 1348 at 4.5 weeks!
I have a scan at 7 weeks as im an ivf patient and thats standard! Im glad as i think itd do my head in waiting to see the little heart beating!

Have decided not to find out the sex, but stay tuned ill probably change my mind a million times! Whats about everyone else????
Hello all!!

Well I'm glade to hear over 100 is normal.. I have heard that ivf has a higher hcg because of the hormon needs addmitted w everday... Thanks for the replys.

God I'm tired sad... And it's sooo bloody cold I have been baby sitting 3 kids while there mum has been in hospital 8 yr old twins and a 4 yr old girl.. So I feel like mum already take twins to school 4 yr old to day care then home n clean get dinner ready and go pick them all up lol... Hard work when they are dumped on you smile.. Hopefully there mum gets out soon..
She has been there for over a month but now getting better smile.

Hope everyone is well …… sticky babies to everyone !!

It's so great to see how many babies there are already !!!


hi , congrats to all new mums -to - be ! -xx

My scan is now booked for 22nd April, we will be 8 weeks then.

I have also been having hot flushes and admit to going for granny naps in the afternoons.

Nausea is a constant thing sad and my boobs are really sore and sensitive, but I should,nt complain as they did not change at all last time and I had no milk .

ooooh cravings!! at the moment its mashed swede with butter and black pepper , and also eggs , boiled or fried.

Queenb I am not really showing at the moment, but I get tugging pain like the uterus is growing all the while - so don't think it will be long! especially if its more than one!

ok take care all xxx Eve

Eve , & josh ( 05.10.05) NSW

I am so excited I just have to share, my hcg level has jumped from 70 to 698.

I have my 6 week scan booked for 27th April. Hopefully we will have a heartbeat.

With three miscarriages under my belt, I didn't let myself get excited with my last two pregnancies but I can't help it this time I feel really positive about this. I have never had a hcg level that high before!!

Talk soon.
Yikes Jaclyn you have got the sickness hard! At least it's a good sign aye? I have a little nausea, worse in the afternoon/evening/night like westygirl but no vomiting so far thank goodness. I have always had terrible motion sickness so thought I may be very prone to morning sickness, but it appears they are different things fortunately.
Seems that drs here in NZ are way less full on that those in aussie. Mine basically said get a midwife before you get to 3 months and she'll organise all the scans! That's all I got, plus antenatal bloods that I have to ring for the results of if I want to know how they went! I guess it's all good, if it comes from the philosophy that being pregnant is normal and natural.
Hope you are all doing well, there are a lot of us now, although I don't know how many is normal!

[url=]... a pregnancy ticker[/url]
Lala I know exactly what you mean, I almost feel left out reading all the posts. When I went to the Dr, I had to ask her to give me a form for bloods, then I went in and got a copy of the results to take to midwife (they never contacted me with results-I guess they would have if there was any probs). My hcg level was not tested, even though I had a m/c in Sept last year, she was quite happy with the fact that I said I had a positive home preg test. I'm seeing midwife on the 20th, so will see how that goes.

Jenny fingers crossed this is a sticky pregnancy for you, the jump in hcg level looks like a good sign.

I know how a lot of you are feeling, with being tired, even if I get a pretty good sleep I am still constantly tired. Had a nice quite time while DS slept doing his scrap book of our trip to Wellington at end of last month. I figure he wont remember it so it will be something for him to look back on.

Better go and get tidied up and get tea ready.


Hi everyone,

Well nothing much to report from my end. Still cramping here and there, some are worse than others but no spotting, no bleeding and no other symptoms of concern so im just trying to remain positive and think that its just my uterus expanding. Im going to speak to my FS tomorrow and ask his opinion and hopefully get some reassurance then maybe get an early scan to put my mind at ease. Im not booked in with my OB till 10th May so i dont think i can wait that long. Always hungry, BB's are still sore, no real MS just yet still a bit too early i think but do feel a little queezy in the mornings, today was the first morning i had cereal in over a week. Just have to keep fingers crossed and wait and see i guess. Has anyone had a really, really early scan? If so how far along were you? Im interested to know the earliest i can have a scan coz i assume if i suspected an ectopic that they'd be able to do some sort of investigation?

Im struggling to come up with a believable excuse to tell my girlfriends why im not drinking on friday night, any good ideas?? I need something bullet proof coz if i use the usual "on antibiotics" or "driving" excuse they'll see right thru it as they know i've been trying for ages and even when im drinking im not one to say no to 1 drink. Aahh the dilemmas of trying to keep it a secret!

Anyway, better keep working. Hope everyone is well and that their little peanuts are growing big and strong!! Sticky dust to all xx
Hi all, Im new to this site and am due with Bub #3 4/12/10. Took us completely by suprise as we were using contraception and I was planning on getting my tubes clapped as soon as I turned 30 (this year). Im trying to add a ticker to my profile but not sure if I have done it right, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I would also like to hear from any one else who is having number 3 or more and their thoughts and feelings about what lies ahead. Look forward to hearing from everyone and reading everyones journeys! Happy baby making! K [url="[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Make a pregnancy ticker[/url]"]My link[/url]
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