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October Babies 2011 Lock Rss


How is everyone goin??

im still feeling nauseas and really tired, otherwise im doin ok.
My DP was at me to ring the drs to check the result of the blood test to make sure that i really was pregnant. must be a male thing. i cant wait to have my ultrasound only 9 more days smile.

This is my second child by my DP first, we have decided not to find out the sex of bubs but i went looking at baby clothes today n there is NOTHING that is unisex that i like out there. i found out with my first so i was super organised n had lots of clothes n everything.

For those who haven't found out the sex of bubs before what did u do for clothes? i know its early on but we have lots happening this yr n i have to get organised.

im off to shower my son n have story time.

night all

Katie this is my 3rd aswell, and I am due 10th Oct aswell. My stomach feels so bloated already, its ridiculous!

HA HA! Same due date hey?? The date is actually my sis first wedding anniversary!
Well now to add on to this wonderful bloating i have got the fat face happening...what is with this ??? I am feeling that i might need to do a little more exercise with this one!

I didn't believe my mum when she told me "the body remembers how to be pregnant" and she assured me that it does it faster with every baby....dammit.
Hi everyone,
I have my first dr's appointment on 17th can't wait, just wondering if anyone has any names picked out for their little ones yet?
Morning all. Hope we're all feeling good this morning? I'm starting to get that queasy feeling now I didn't really get it with my other two. Oh and I'd just like to say that my skin even thou it's only early days yet it's beautiful I have no zit's. I'm loving it atm not that my face is always covered in pimples but I don't have 1. I love pregnancy hormones when they do this to me.

Morning all! Well GP confirmed it, so now DH believes it...hahah he was finding it hard to believe my 5 positive prego tests! hahah I have a referral to the obstertrician so will book that in this morning!!! yay!!
So far im just feeling pretty tired. No real MS, just a little queezy if i get hungry! But once i eat it goes away.
As i havnt been given a due date by a DR yet, by my calcs, im due oct 10! Ill add myself to the list!! Is anyone else still feeling bloated and like AF is coming? GP said thats normal...but its strange. If i had MS i think this would all feel a bit more real....(not that i was be chucking at work but you all know wat i mean yea?) Hope everyone is travelling along fine smile

Are the dates meant to say 2011? Ill change it to 2011, but sorry if it was at 2010 for a reason?

1/10/2011- Becstar (me)
10/10/2011- *StarDust*
hi, ha ha ha ops i guess i am still in 2010 thanks for changing it lol
hi every one,
Ihave been reading through and most ppl have had bloods or are booked for scan or obstritrian appointment very soon. I have only had the pee test at dr,s and dont go to my first obstrition appointment untill 10 weeks and scan at 12 weeks is this normal or should i have had bloods

hi every one,
Ihave been reading through and most ppl have had bloods or are booked for scan or obstritrian appointment very soon. I have only had the pee test at dr,s and dont go to my first obstrition appointment untill 10 weeks and scan at 12 weeks is this normal or should i have had bloods


No I am only 5 weeks, although I had done my own pee tests at home, my GP did another pee test no blood test and that was enough for ther to confirm I was pregnant! She referred me to my obstritrician (can never spell that) and thats not booked until March 16th, so Ill be 10 weeks by then. So is the 10 week appointment just an appointment then the scan 2 weeks later? I was thinking they scanned at 10 weeks?? Either way is fine i spose.
So sounds like you are doing things just like me. What date is your 10 week appointment??
Hi there, My second one is due October 2nd
I'm 6 weeks and 2 days
feeling very dizzy and sick
and had some implantation bleeding today
but I'm not really worried because I had this with my first and6 weeks grin
Good luck and congrats to everyone grin
hi girls, i got offered a job yesterday!! i told her i was pregnant, and its fine. the job is only until may, which suits me, i will be able to save a little for 4 months! whohoo! just hoping i don't get tooooo sick. my sickness starts at 7 weeks, so cross fingers its not too bad. feeling queezy in the mornings and need to book a dr app. to get bloods etc. i am just past 5 weeks.

Hi All,

Welcome to all the Mums who have just joined!

Just re-read this...Apologies in advance for the long post!!!

Becs - Your Obs will probably order bloods when you see them. They just need to check immunities etc. I was told I didn't need to see my GP (3 positive home tests) so I'm going straight to the Obs at 10 weeks.

Kez - Congrats on the job! smile

Stardust - The appointment at 10 weeks is the booking-in one. I have mine on 15 March. They'll go through your family health history so it helps if the other half can go too, since the baby is half him too! They will get you to book in for the 12-week scan soon after the appointment. My Obs had an ultrasound in his office - Smaller than the one you have your tests on but big ehough for him to see what he needs to. I had an ultrasound with him each time I had an appointment.

Feeling pretty queasy during the day and still really tired. I get a lot of indigestion too. Must admit though, it's a lot easier doing this early pregnancy stuff at home rather than working, even if DS is being a typical 2-year-old!! I was a sales rep before DS arrived and when I was pregnant with him, I used to park up somewhere quiet and sneak in a lunchtime nap in the car!

We are kinda throwing names around but for now, we refer to Bub as Cletus the Fetus, like we did with our son. smile DH is a bit of a joker and I loved the shocked looks people got last time when we had that name and not a mushy, sooky one! wink As for Cletus's name when they arrive, we have been throwing a few around but won't name them until they arrive.

We'll be finding out the sex and letting everyone know. Last time there were people (the in-laws) who didn't want to know which made it hard when we were talking about the baby, trying not to say "he" all the time. My mother-in-law has since passed away from cancer but we'll tell my father-in-law this time.

Agree about unisex clothes being hard to find!! We still have all of DS's baby clothes and a lot were white which is nice but not all that practical!! He has some boyish trousers which could be girlied up with a pink or purple top so we won't have to get a whole new wardrobe if Cletus is a pink one! wink

Anyway, hope you are all well and not too queasy!

S. smile
Afternoon ladies smile

We are going to find out the sex too (if bubs lets us). We are also planning on telling everyone... i don't think i could keep it secret!
We won't tell anyone our names though, i think it is nice to keep something a suprise...

i can tell you though! DH (his name is john) wants John Daniel if its blue, which i am not keen on at all cos we would call him Jack.... Jack Daniel.... ugh. I love Emmett though which DH says is too girly.

If it is pink maybe Carlie after the two grandmas (Caroline & Leonie) otherwise maybe Caitlin, Sophia, Lucy or Ava.

.....or maybe something else entirely- too soon to tell yet smile

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