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So sorry to read your sad news Lynxgal xx
Hi, im sarah and i found out i was pregnant yesterday. It was a masssive shock to me and my man as we wernt planning on
Having another till next year. Im happy, but also extremely worried and nervous as Im 20 years old and my son is only 6.5 mnths :/
Hi Sarah. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. My little girl is 7 months today. Hope your feeling well
Hi everyone,

I found out about 10 days ago I was pregnant and had a scan today. I was told I'm approx 4.5weeks which makes me due in April. Thing is my LMP was 19th June and by my OD was about the 9th July. However the ultrasound says different so here I am smile Going by the sonographers advice I should be due around the 8th.
Hi Ladies , my name is Kristen i just found out i am pregnant with 3rd bub positive test on friday ... I have a almost 4 , 18 month old and my lmp was i think either the end of june or 1 july?? forgot to write on calendar we were hoping to try in 12 months but little surpise this month i am scared about having another bubba becuase my almost 4 yr old is special needs and i am going to have my hands full thanks for starting this thread cant wait to share our journey together xx Talk soon everyone due about 7 april? doc next week hopefully my doc jinx me asking me about planning a third LOL
kia ora i am really new to these kinda boards but so many of my friends with kids are so close and relient on their mummy board friends i thought i would try and make friends too.
i have permanant foster kids 15,15,7,4,1 so if this bub makes it full term it will be family member number 8 kid number six.
i was so sorry to read lynxgirls loss, ive had many misscarriages over the 11 years ive been married.

i had bhcg level of 3200 on friday and get more bloods on monday morning and have to wait untiln the next monday the 13th for my 1st scan (seems like a very long time to wait)

i look forward to shareing the journey with you all
Hi there! Got my BFP on Friday, freaking out a bit, even though we have been trying for awhile I guess I was just getting used to the negatives every month. Spent the entire day in a state of shock. Ha ha. Have a DS who is 4, wish it wasn't such a big gap but hopefully they will be good mates. Having blood test Monday, I didn't have a blood test with DS, does it give you a due date?
So sorry to hear Lynxgal sad GBH xxx

Ah yes, im tired too, thats my only symptom except for eating way more!! Hoping to get through the next few weeks without MS kicking in but at the same time it would put my mind at ease if i did pick up a few more symptoms, still struggling to believe its actually happening!
omg i have had syptoms galore with this pregnancy i am due april 14th... first syptom was lactation, then slight cramping, heavy breasts nausea, tiredness, everything.... never got this with my first :/
I have had a bit of crampyness too... Nothing painful or anything im just aware of it this time round!
Hi All! My Husband and I have been trying for 33 months and after a cycle of Clomophene we found out I'm pregnant! Due April 3rd smile
Hope everyone is feeling well! Still in shock and deniel. Am seeing the same midwife as i had with my first on wednsay to get dating scan form and bloods form. Am still worrying about the small age gap, but iv figured the only thing im really gunna need is a double pram. Ohh and girly clothes if the babyis a girl which im hoping for!
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