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Due November 2013 Lock Rss

it depends on your placenta positioning i think. This is my third and been feeling it since 12 weeks same as with my second but my placenta is always high up. Im excited to find out the sex too smile 6 weeks for me seems like a long time

I've been told that the placenta is sitting at the font of my belly, i had the same thing with number two. I've got 3 weeks to wait for my scan. So hopefully bub behaves so we can find out then what it is.
Hello in here smile
Hope you dont mind if i pop in. Im due with my 4th bubs on the 23rd November so am 14 weeks atm. So far ive only told close friends and family as i have a lot of judgemental people around me and want to hold out as long as i can!
But would love to get to know some other mums due around the same time smile
I dont think ive felt anything yet.. other than wind!
I didnt feel anything with my 2nd until around 20 weeks as my placenta was at the front of my belly. Hoping to feel something soon though.

Id love to join the facebook page too. Is it a private or secret group? Can i ask what its called? I havent told anyone (other than close friends) on my facebook that im pregnant yet so am worried theyll see the name of the group on my page sad
Its secret no one on your friends list can see it. If u pop your email address here I'll add you.

Would love to join the facebook group [email protected]
Hi girls! I am 15 weeks pregnant with #1 eeek! Due date: 22 Nov. Adele, I have sent you a request, would love to join your facebook group! By the sounds of it, it's a biggie, lots of Nov babies on the way smile


OMG this baby is moving like crazy the last couple of days, its going to be a fun 24 weeks.

On a different topic i had my first antinatal appointment this afternoon which was fun wink anyway there was a student Midwife sitting in on my appointment and she lovely, at the end of the appointment she asked if she could follow my pregnancy, sitting in on more appointments and even attended the birth. I thought this was a fantastic idea to be able to help her learn and improve her skills. I just want to say that if anyone else is offered the opportunity to have a student follow their pregnancy that you consider it, as a pratical experience is just as important as theory (the students do have a registered Midwife with them and they are mainly there to observe).

How is everyone going?
Hi There,
I am due on the 8th of November with my first child. I have a scan on 20th of June to find out what were having. I have my first antenatal app on 28th June smile
I sleep when ever I can, the other day I slept for 14 hrs, I work part time on the weekends so Im lucky to have the time off during the week to rest,
I was nauseated and vomiting from 8 weeks until 17 weeks.. Just starting to feel normal again and get my appetite back, some smells affected me during this time too, and couldnt stand the smell of red meat cooking..
Ive also had a head cold this week but other than that feeling great smile
Hope all you other mums are feeling good too!
Hi all. I'm due on 30th of October with my first but have a funny feeling my bubs will be born in November. I'd love to join the facebook forum with you ladies if you would have me smile I have my anatomy scan tomorrow so very excited to see what we're having smile
Hi ladies,

Im preg with my first and im due on the 14th of nov smile

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Hi Im also due in november (3rd) also my first...very exciting, Im from the uk and dont have my family here so keen to talk to others for info ect...congrats to all!!
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